Thursday, 8 May 2014

Storage Solutions

Welcome to my 21st blog post, as in I have been writing one a day for 3 weeks! I think this proves I have an innate ability to talk about nothing for a long time. Anyway yesterday some pretty things arrived and I thought I would write a quick review. Here goes nothing.

First of all the price seems amazing. Me and Jen had been scouting around trying to find the best solution for storing our 'Faux miniatures (which we seem to have quite a few now!) and Jen stumbled across this bad boy: What a deal! Couldn't resist that!

 Delivery was prompt and came in a box that was a fort in it's own right. Oh my they are pretty, I am loving the embroidered Guild Train, drool.

One of the important things for me was pockets, you tend to need gubbins for Malifaux (card, tape measure, other cards, more cards etc.) so I wanted them to be neat and tidy and easy to transport. The smaller bag has them in spades! As you can see in the picture it has enough room for all of my stuff, apart from the large foam die and at the moment the tape because my cards haven't made the transition into sleeves.

One problem I did have is that the A4 pocket on the foam zip side is not big enough to house the rulebook comfortably, but fortunately, as you can see, there is another place with your cards you can store it safe and sound.

Into the foam and we already have a slight issue, the foam seems to have been messed up a bit from the closing of the zip. It's nothing I am too bothered by, just a bit of a shame and possibly a symptom of another problem (stay tuned ;) ).

The foam doesn't seem to have a thin top layer in the small bag, the larger bag does, which seems a little odd. Overall the foam is strong and durable, much like the bag itself, so that's good. The smaller bag comes with a tray of foam with smaller slots, larger slots and pluck foam.

 Unfortunately the Faux models simply do not fit in the smaller holes, so I simply stole a larger tray from the big bag, in which the Models fit perfectly. Fortunately, I did not intend for the large bag to be used for Malifaux, so I am not bothered by the number of the larger foam trays. If that was your intention, be warned.

 The pluck foam is absolutely fine, better than the GW cases I have used because the foam is stronger offering more protection and rigidity. I am glad of the proportions of foam trays fits this foam because it means I can fit my larger models with the smaller, a major boon. 

When attempting to put all the foam back in afterwards I found the issue with the zip. The trays of foam are really just slightly too large for the bag. It means it's a snug fit, but I would have much rather had a layer of foam to go ontop to provide that padding rather than crushing arms and legs of adventurous miniatures inside. Oh well, we will see how it goes.

The bag comes with a handle and a strap. The larger bag has a handle and also a telescopic handle to be used with the wheels, I personally hate that kind of bag so won't be dragging mine along the floor. lastly here is a picture of me sporting my latest fashion statement. Jen took a picture of me whilst sitting down so apparently I have massive hands.

So what do I think overall. I am so happy with it. It has quite a few problems, don't get me wrong, but it's so much better than I had before! I guess I am just a sucker from embroidered sexiness. I hope this will prove useful to someone. Now, if you don't mind me, I need to get ready for Heartfaux!

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