Saturday, 17 May 2014

Proxies and Mats continued

 So today, as promised, I have some more progress pictures for my textured mat. I'd also like to talk about Proxies.
 First off, the mat. Last time I admitted that there was some unwanted wrinkling on the paper, despite having tried to stretch the paper on the table using masking tape. I had concluded that the masking tape simply was not strong enough, so I used parcel tape instead. Unfortunately it still wrinkled. However, I do now have a 3' square snow Malifaux Mat, putting me up to 3 Mats in total. I am considering making more. Jen, as mentioned previously, got her TT Combat terrain stuff (still not built, she got absorbed with a book) and I thought it might be good to try an make a Badlands board. Jen's a bit concerned about getting enough texture on that, I thought I might try and use some agrellan earth in patches to make the cracked earth and then maybe add some dead grass to break things up, but I'll see how I get on.

 In a completely unrelated matter, I also played against Chris King in Malifaux on Vassal. For those of you who don't know, he is @lemonconstruct on twitter and is one of the hosts of 'Chasing Bacon' (he is the one who sounds like he is about 12, this is a good way to see if he actually reads the blog ;) ). For this game it was some Gremlin on Gremlin action, or more accurately, a re-enactment of the Bayou food cycle, Pig on Gremlin action.  It was a really fun game of much silliness and despite winning, I was most pleased about seeing Ulix, the gremlin pig master, in action.

 I have always been a fan of the pigs in Gremlins, it was a major contributing factor on why I started with the Gremlins. Ulix, being the master of pigs, seems an obvious choice. This is further emphasized when I found out 'Old Major' is a henchpig and thus I could field a crew made entirely of pigs. The only thing holding me back is the lack of models.
 I have posted my thoughts up before about metal and plastic models, and in honesty a major reason for not bothering looking for proxies is because I know the Malifaux models will be in plastic whilst the alternatives are not likely to be, however it is more than that. I am worried about fielding proxies. I personally don't have an issue with using them or playing against them, within reason. For me, a decent proxy is readily identifiable and fits the theme of the rules and crew. I am most worried about other people not liking proxies. I don't want to attend events and have people say I can't use models I want to. (I just got a sneaking feeling that I have gone over this before, but couldn't find it, so sorry if I am repeating myself). If I attend a tournament and I am told I can't use certain figures then I will feel a little cheated. On the other hand, if my opponent can't recognize a model and thus makes a mistake they will feel cheated. Proxies can be a bit of a minefield.

 This being said, I am becoming more and more interested in Proxies. I have found that the Malifaux community in the UK has had no problems with Proxies, so I have not much to fear there. Also, it enables people to truly make some individual crews. Joel Henry's Goldilocks crew is a fantastic example (see the picture in my Heartfaux report). There are also some fantastic miniatures that do not have a rules set to go with them, the guild of harmony figures immediately spring to mind, and it would be a shame not to put such things to use.

 So on this note, I thought I'd provide some links to some Gremlins that people have come up with on twitter for various Gremlins. If people don't think they would like to play against them, I'd really appreciate you shouting out. First off, the model I am most excited about, Old Major.

 Next up, one of the models who I think will be the most useful for rules in game, is Trixxiebell.

This next one is really on the table because the model is really cool and works very well, it's Mah Tucket.
 Working perfectly alongside this is the proxy I would use for Mah Tucket's totem, Little Lass.
Right, that's everything from me. I'm off to Worhamma tonight to get some games in with my Gremlins. Depending on how well it goes, I might talk about it tomorrow. Have a good day.

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