Friday, 16 May 2014

Gremlins is Awesome: Part 3: All good things come to an end

So recently I won Heartfaux, mentioned previously in a blog, which many others and I are shocked by. Despite me constantly saying this, because of the many compliments and prizes I have received, I couldn't help but have a confident boost. This was dangerous.

 I have also mentioned my local club Worhamma, a fantastic community and a brilliant place to play games. The Malifaux community here as exploded and I am regularly getting some really good games. Rather than go over the games, however, I think I will go over what I have learnt.

 First off, and this is where the title of this post comes from, Gracie. Last time I was worried how good she was, enough to note take her so often in games. I think my vision my have been skewed by the fact that my games were small in size. In my last 4 games she has died quite early on. Partly this is because I don't know what other people are capable of, I hadn't realized that Schill ignores armour with his shank, for example. Ultimately the size makes a difference, ooo er. People have enough of a punch with enough people that they can drag her down, despite hard to kill, before she has a chance to chew something up. Partly this makes me happy, I don't feel guilty using her so much now. I also think I will not be taking her against anyone who announces Outcasts, simply because there are so many people who ignore armour. Leviticus, Schill and the Viks are the ones I know of.

 The reason I have been using Gracie is because I don't really have enough Gremlins to use anything else. I have been looking forward to the new plastic box sets coming out because then I get much more options. Obviously, I am then left with some choices. One of things I am concerned with is Lenny. When I first read his rules I was obsessed, he seems lots of fun, but looking back and having tried him on Vassal, I am not so sure. He seems very soft for 9 stones. Def 4, Wp1 is awful. This might because Gracie is nails, though, and it might be because he fought against Neverborn who thrive on WP. Confronting Lenny with something Terrifying is going to neutralize him. Having said that, 'toss' is brilliant. I look forward to using him, but I think with Gremlins I am going to have to pay attention to what faction my opponent is taking more than with any of my previous crews.  I am developing a 'core' of Some'r, upgrades, Slope Hauler and some Bayou's (also Skeeter when I get one). After this I will have a couple of 'characters' who I will swap between depending on my opponent. I have been relying on Saddle loads, let's see how I do without it.

 I also began to streamline my list with Some'r to try and make the most of his summoning ability. I was taking 2 Bayou Gremlins and assuming I would jump to 4 and healing with them with the slop hauler. I have not drawn a single mask in my first turns so many times now that I have decided this is a bad idea. I need a buffer, a couple more Bayou's, to cope if things go wrong.

I also can't wait to get skeeters. In two of my last games I suffered from a Freikorps trapper. If I had a skeeter I would simply have engaged him. He wouldn't have lasted, my pet bug, but a turn of safety would have been a breath of fresh air. My previous point of having enough Bayou's come in here aswell, because they could have possibly done this.

So that's it from me. Sorry this is a bit haphazard, but it helps to codify my thoughts on the green menace. I'd love to hear what people thought.


  1. Pue tappers have a zero action to discard a card and push out of combat so you may not be able to simply engage them with skeeters

  2. Oh! Fair enough... that causes some more issues. Well I should put more energy in ending him.

  3. Ha! I have just realized that it doesn't matter if Lenny fails a horror duel because he is immune to conditions!