Monday, 12 May 2014

Mini-Campaign: Kythera

 I have mentioned before in the blog that my local club Worhamma is running an escalation league building up to the tournament: The Good, The Bad and The Fated. This is now quickly drawing to a close after, I must be honest, a fantastic turnout and some fantastic games. In order to try and keep the momentum going with this new explosion of Malifaux enthusiasm, the guys at Worhamma thought it would be a cool idea to make some mini campaigns, nothing to in depth, where people can just pull it out (the relevant terrain and rules, along with other necessary stuff) and play a couple of cool narrative games with minimal effort on their behalf. This is my first attempt at making a set of rules like this and although it could do with a little work, I didn't have a rulebook to hand when I wrote it, I thought it would be cool to get some feedback.

Mini-Campaign 1:

Game 1: Philip’s remains
Turf War
Schemes: Take Prisoner, Cursed Object, Bodyguard, Assassinate 
Random Deployment
 Philip was an explorer and scholar, uncovering secrets locked in the ancient ruins of Malifaux. He unearthed an evil deep in the Bayou so malevolent that, if you were to see it, the last vestiges of your sanity would crumble into dust.
 However, for some in Malifaux, sanity is overrated.
 Already assassinated in the sanatorium for the secrets he held, his cold dead hands clutch the scrawl of the observations of a madman. In order to discover the location of this new power, you must excavate the dead. It’s what Philip did in life anyway, right? I’m sure he won’t mind.

Game 2: Rescue Mission
Rescue Mission (winner of previous is defender)
Schemes: Make Them Suffer, Entourage, Protect territory, Breakthrough
Standard Deployment
 For one reason or another someone has been left behind. Set upon by rampaging Neverborn in the eerie forests approaching the foetid Bayou or locked up by the Guild. Sometimes, though rarely, casualties are just not expendable.

Game 3: Kythera
Summon: Place a 30mm ritual marker in the centre of the table before the game begins. The leader of all crews can take the following interact action: (3) Dark Voice: If it is turn 2 or afterwards and if you are the first player to have done whilst in base contact with the ritual marker gain 4 VP. If you are not the first player but perform this action in base contact with the ritual marker gain 2Vp, you may no longer score any VP from this strategy.
 If a crew is led by a henchman, the AP cost of the interact action is reduced to (2)
 Also, rules for Shindig are in play.
Schemes: Power ritual, Distract, Protect Territory, Spring the Trap
Close deployment
 You have finally discovered it, the breach to yet another world. Think of the power it might possess? The Knowledge waiting to be unlocked? The Opportunity to stab your captor in the back? Immortality is yours for the taking.

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