Friday, 2 May 2014

Master or Faction

Another specifically Malifaux Blog today, I bet you're beginning to expect. Today I am just give my opinions on something that has been floating around tinterwebs for a while. Do people play Master or Faction?

 First of all, what do I do? I pretty much just play Master. I have multiple Neverborn masters, but it is not common I have gone to a tournament and mixed up the masters part way through. There are a couple of reasons for this. First of all, it's about enjoyment. The reason I have played specific masters is because I am enjoying that master at the moment or not enjoying the others. I dropped Pandora because people kept calling me filthy and it seemed some of my opponents simply did not enjoy themselves (why I will probably not be entering MFXTOP this month, which is a shame), played Lucius because he was exciting and new, and then stopped playing him because it felt like he should really be guild which I didn't have the figures for.

 The second reason is that choosing a Master for a specific scenario hurts my brain. There are some Master, for example Lucius, who I believe excel in specific scenarios (in my opinion 'stake a claim' and 'squatter's rights') so I can see why you would swap in and out in that scenario, but others do not. Lynch does not really shine in a specific strategy, so I don't see any reason to swap him in or out.

 I think it could also be stylistic. Each master has their own very different flavor which does not necessarily span factions and people tend to like converting models within faction to match that crew. If you did this for all the different Masters you would begin to need many models!

Does this mean we should play fixed Master tournaments? Definitely not, in my opinion. Fixed Master tournament leads to the situation where you begin to start designing your crew to defeat your opponent, such as bringing as many relic hammers as possible to fight Hoffman/Ramos, and I really dislike that idea. Although to some extent you can do that already, there are many constructs for arcanists that could do with a'hammering, it is reduced. Also not everyone likes playing single Master, some like using the whole faction, I see no reason why they should be penalized.

Well those are my thoughts anyway, I'd love to hear what you think. As usual I have seeded painted Gremlins into the blog, now I am at the point where I have all the Gremlins in my possession painted! Just need Somer to arrive to be ready for Heartfaux. For what it's worth, I should mention there are a few spaces left for the tournament. It should be really fun and it's for a good cause. Find details here. Hope to see people there! Until then.

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