Sunday, 18 May 2014

Gremlin Proxies continued

I was informed yesterday that my pre-ordered Gremlins will be delayed yet again. With still very Malifaux Gremlins available, I am being forced to make do. I have pretty successful with the Gremlins recently and with many players at Worhamma being pretty new I figured it was worth trying to play with things that are a bit more friendly.

First off, I have tried to convert myself a Merris LaCroix. This was done mainly because it was a Gremlin with a rocket pack more than any other consideration.

I also started trying to build a piggapult. Who could say no to a contraption designed to launch pigs? I have wanted try Lenny with it for a while, seeing as he can 'summon' piglets, but I also think it will be usefull for things like 'entourage'. Unfortunately, with the Gremlin box sets delayed even further, it is unlikely this will see any table time for a while. I am also not happy with my attempt. Considering the model is wave 1, I hope we see a plastic model shortly.
Having built Merris LaCroix, I figured I might aswell have a look at her rules and see what sort of synergy I can get going on. This is where I noticed Sammy LaCroix. Her card drawing thing will be cool combined with Merris. The other thing was that, with Somer, I often myself wishing I had a way of getting positive flips, to ignore cover etc. Giving 'Encouragement' to Sammy means that I can take wounds with Somer to give him positive flips. I had decided to try and make her this morning, but I thought I could go with this model and take the sword away in place of voodo pins?

 That's everything from me today. Hope your Monday isn't too rough!

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