Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Malifaux Campaign: Week 2

 This week in the Malifaux Campaign we started to see some additional rules of the campaign take effect. Players with the least number of territories (and then lowest experience) pick missions either first or second. Paj decided on last because it recquired less thinking which meant that I picked the first mission once again. You can see the options below:


Week 2 Strats and Schemes

Game 1:

The attacker secretly notes down a piece of terrain on the defender's half of the table. While in base contact, attacking models may take a 2 interact action to place a 30mm 'Sabotage Marker' within terrain (whether it is the noted one or not). While in base contact with a 'Sabotage Marker' the defender may take a 2 interact action to discard it.
 At the end of the game, the attacker earns 3 vp if she has a sabotage marker in the noted terrain piece. If the attacker has a sabtoage marker in at least one other terrain peice, she earns 1 vp.

Defender: Hideout

At the start of the game, place a 30mm hideout marker in the centre of the table. At the end of each turn after the first, if the defender has more non-peon models within 6" of the marker than the attacker, the defender earns 1 vp.

Line in the Sand
Deliver a Message
Plant Explosives
Corner Deployment

Reward: Prepared Field. Any model that charges your master in the next game takes damage as if moving through hazardous terrain

Game 2:

Attacker: Supply Wagon
At the start of the game place a 50mm Wagon marker in the centre of the table. This marker is Ht3, Impassable, Blocking.
 At the end of each turn, the crew with the most models within 3" of the wagon may move it 5" ignoring severe terrain.
 At the end of the game, the attacker earns 1 Vp is she has the most models within 3" of the wagon. If the Wagon is completely in the attackers half of the table, the attacker earns 2vp. If the wagon is in the attackers deployment zone, the attacker earns 1 vp.

Defender: Capture the Wagon!
At the end of each turn after the first, before moving the wagon, if the defender has at least 2 non-peon models in base contact with the wagon, score 1 vp.
Line in the Sand
Protect Territory
Spring the trap
murder protege

Standard deployment

Reward: Hatred. Pick one model in the enemies crew before deployment (after selecting crews). Your master receives positive flips against that model for the duration of the game.

Game 3:

Attacker: Search

Before Deploying crews, the attacker places two 30mm markers anywhere in the defender's half of the table. The defender then places two more markers anywhere on the table. Each search marker must represent one of the four suits. The defender secretly flips a card and notes down it's suit (reflip jokers).
 Any model may take a 1 interact action while in base contact with a search marker to place the marker on the models stat card. If the model leaves play, place the marker in base contact first. At the end of the game, if the search marker with the noted suit is on an attacking models stat card or in the attacker's deployment zone, the attacker scores 4 vp.
 Defender: We need them all!
At the end of the game, the defender scores 1 vp for each search marker not carried by an attacking model.

Protect territory
Frame for Murder
Line in the Sand

Standard deployment

Reward: Distracted. The enemy leader may not take interact actions whilst it has line of sight to your master in the next game. 


I decided to go with game 1. I decided that scheme pool didn't have any particularly bad options and I was quick enough to drop bombs in enemy territory. 

Next to chose was Lucas, who decided that the wagon was the best option (he played search marker last time and didn't want to repeat!) So Ben chose the last free mission, I guess on the basis it was most likely to give him a free win! Next up was Vince, who decided he was going to play me no matter what! This finally gave Paj the option of the up-and-coming Lucas or playing his opponent from last week. Unsurprisingly he opted for the former. 

 This almost meant that we once again had one person not playing... until Graeme arrived. He didn't initially want to play a campaign game, but we managed to convince him otherwise. Basically, because losing would have no effect what so ever!

In my game against Vince he had (secretly) selected Plant explosives and deliver a message. He chose for me to play Line in the Sand and Breakthrough. Due to my success in the last week I selected Perdita to be on negative flips against Seamus... but it never actually came up in game. vince got himself an extra stone in the cache due to our difference in territories (useful guild sponsorship, eh?). It was a really good game. Bette once again proved her great worth, appearing and placing markers where she felt like. The odd lure here and there along with an incredible bloody game meant that Vince could never quite get the model count in the middle on me so couldn't score for the centre or catch Seamus. One serious error in activation order near the end of the game made the score not match how close the game was. Final score 10-2 and Seamus has mines ready for next game. 

In Ben's game against Graeme it was largely just throwing models at each other to see what they did. Lilith was canny enough to make sure she held onto the markers though whilst Pandora was distracted torturing terror tots so the final score was 3-1 to Ben. 

In Paj's game against Lucas, Paj once again had a sulk with his cards that he wasn't flipping what he needed to all the time, but apparently it was pretty close, Lucas only winning by one point. Also, despite 2 Ronin and Schill on the table, it took some Ancient Words (use your words librarian!) to take down Izamu. 

With Graeme added to the map and people's conquests it's starting to look pretty crowded in the bottom half!

I am glad that we are now likely to have 6 players down and no-one misses out. I hope people have fun with it next week. I have already flipped the strats and schemes and let people begin decision making. Let me tell you it's looking likely to be a blood bath next week! Expect more updates soon.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Malifaux Campaign. Week 1

Sorry for anyone who enjoys reading my tournament reports. My last few events haven't had reports because after one I was helping a mate move house and had no internet and with the second I was feeling pretty ill. Suffice to say they were loads of fun and I thoroughly recommend the Stirling venue to anyone who can brave the darkness of Scotland.

 Anyway, that's not what I am here to talk about today. Today I am planning to write a brief report with how things are going with the local 'Faux campaign I am running.

 So week 1 saw the following scenarios flipped

 Theft- Loot the Hideout
 Squatter's Rights - Our Land
 Escourt- Kill the Escourt

 Lucas had been playing for the least amount of time so made the decision to pick last or first. He chose last, which meant I picked first seeing as I had the most experience. I chose to kill the Escourt, figuring that's what Seamus would do! Next up, Vince chose to Loot the hideout. Paj chose Squatter's rights, Ben chose to face him. Finally Lucas chose to face Vince. This meant I was left with a default win and gained 'Infiltration' (I guess from the resseructed Escourt) which meant I picked one model in the enemy crew to be on negative flips against Seamus for the next game only.

 Paj vs Ben turned into a landslide, mainly because Paj gave up once he failed to kill teddy in a single charge with Schill. Teddy flurried Von Schill twice in several turns and killed him... which meant Ben couldn't score for spring the trap. Final score 7-0 to Ben and he claims 'From the Shaddows' on Lilith for the next round.

 Vince vs Lucas was a really close game, by all accounts with some quite spectacular moments. Yan Lo lightening dances Nino to put him into base contact with Yin... only to take loads of damage when he is forced to jump off the ledge! Abuella absolutely ruins a Ashigaru with her sawn off. The pistelero couple become the star of the show... not really for much reason other than we gave them names and Vince kept putting 'El Major' on them. At the end Lucas' Kaimanu is fanned into safety clutching some jewls in his jaw, meaning Lucas won by a single point! He claims Companion on Yan Lo.

You can see below the updated map with our associated territory acquisitions.

I, using Seamus and represented in green, stick with the theme and claim a brothel.
Ben, fielding purple Lilith, claims tobacco? Whatever, I assume it's because it's close to Paj's (Yellow, Schill) Territory
Yan Lo, clearly found of his new (if now somewhat covered in lion slobber) gems, claims a mine.
Vince (Red, Perdita) clearly had an issue convincing her posse to leave the opium den...

We also, of course, wrote our fixed lists, which I will now post below. These will not change until we capture our first monopolly (i.e. I need two more brothels to have the most of the 5 on the map)

+Trick shooting
+Wade in
+Tormento de Plomo
+Hair trigger
Miguelle the Pistelero
Jose the Pistolero
Enslaved Nephilim

Von Schill
+Shirt comes off

Yan Lo
+Command the Graves
Yin the Pangalangalanglangalangalan
+pull of the grave
Soul Porter

Obsidian Talons (he originally put it on a young nephilim, which can't take upgrades)
Nephilim gladiator
Young Nephilim*2
Terror Tot*3

+Red Chapel Killer
+Bag of Tools
+Decaying Aura
Copycat Killer
+Bleeder Lash
+Not too banged up
Punk Zombie
Bette Noir

That's it from this week. Hopefully soon we'll have another campaign entry from Colin who's lovely wife has just had a baby so *apparently* that's more important than Malifaux. He'll come crawling back soon anyway. Expect another report next week regardless.