Thursday, 1 May 2014

Selling Stuff

 As many of you may have guessed by now, my hobby almost exclusively revolves around Malifaux at the moment. I still have, however, piles of other models that never see table time and rarely see a paintbrush. I am loathed, however, to pass these models on (although recently I have sold a whole pile of boxes which have sat in a cupboard still in their cellophane). I thought I would discuss today my thoughts on selling miniatures on.

 I think the main reason, if not the only reason, I don't like selling models on is that you rarely get what you put in. People, naturally, are always looking for the latest bargain, so in order to sell your old miniatures you need to cut the price. I don't like the idea of selling models I have spent hours on at bargain prices, it cheapens the whole experience.

 My distaste for selling in the second hand market also stems from a concept from an earlier blog post. If you are not feeling the keen for something, don't force yourself, put it away and do something else for a bit. In order for this concept to work for me I have to have faith that I will go back to those projects when I have the motivation again. I don't like the idea of not having those figures if the muse takes me.

 Lastly, many of my old armies and figures remind me of 'the good old days'. I have many friends scattered around the country, if not the world, who I have played some really fun games with using these figures and the models remind be of those good times. I wouldn't just be selling things of a material value but also sentimental and it is hard to put a price on that.

That's enough soppyness from me today. Sorry this is quite a short one, I am feeling a bit under the weather, hopefully I will get more inspiration tomorrow. Until then.

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