Friday, 9 May 2014

Gremlins is Awesome: pt 2: Pigs is Awesome too

 I'm a very happy Connor today because yesterday I was able to pick up my order of Somer Teeth Jones from the post office and was then able to play a game with him in the evening. Thursday evenings are Worhamma's, my local clubs, gaming evening. For those in the North East I thoroughly recommend coming down. It runs 6-10 on Thursdays and 5-9 Sundays at South Hylton Community Centre. We regularly run tournaments, have enough space for about at most 30 gamers and are currently running a Malifaux Escalation League with about a dozen regular participants. If you are new to Malifaux and not sure, don't sweat it, the league was designed for helping people out and there are a few of us more experienced folk around to help you out and show you the ropes.

This fine Thursday evening I played against Vince; our resident Ressurectionist, scholar and cad. It was 35 Soulstones this session and we flipped Squatter's rights with: Assassinate, Distract, Outflank and Murder Protege. I plucked for my plucky new Somer and he fielded the mighty McMorning.

I won't go into detail, mainly because I can't, but on one flank I had Gracie and Francoix, with piles of Bayou Gremlins and Somer on t'other. I announced murder protege (sebastian) and outflank. Opponent took line in the sand (announced) and assassinate. The critical turning points were two fold. McMorning, being brave, attempted to unleash a tirade of poison onto Somer by diving from cover, for it all to fail. Slop Hauler then reduced McMorning's defence and continuous barrage from numerous Bayou Gremlins and Somer toppled the fellow. Sebastian was attempting to bring down Gracie with mass poison but only got to the point where she would go down to her hard to kill. In desperation summoned a hound, who accompliced to charge (because Gracie had poison it only took 1Ap) and didn't damage her and simply provided a tasty looking treat to heal with. I won 9-2.

What I have learned now with Gremlins then? 2 things: Gracie is amazing, Bayou 2 card is amazing.

 Almost all of my games thus far have included the big pig Gracie, mainly because I don't have enough models not to take her. She is developing a hideous reputation at the club, with good reason. Killing a model to heal all lost wounds is mad, especially when combined with hard to kill, and armour 2 is again brutal. She can be a bit of a card drain, because I can't afford for her to hit on a crow with her melee, but she is well worth the investment. She is not invincible, far from it, but she causes my opponent enough of a headache to absorb AP. I never leave home with saddle on her, though, it's one of the main reasons I take her. Moving out of activation has so many uses in this game that it would simply be rude not to.
 All this being said, I think I need to stop using her, mainly because she will become a crutch. I want to learn more about other Gremlin play styles and to do that I need to play with other models.

Bayou two-card is my favourite thing about the Gremlins at the moment, it's awesome. It makes Gremlins sneakily good. I don't really have much else to say about that, it's just awesome.

 A couple of things I have been thinking about though, for changing tactics, and excuse me if I get this wrong because I am learning, but I don't think I always want to dish out Rams with Somer's 'do it like 'dis'. I mainly do it because I look at his gun and go Wowza! But I think it could also prove useful defensively. If I give masks out it means everyone can squeel, which is an amazing defensive trigger, I might add, and one I too frequently forget. I guess that's what all this learning business is about.

So, in summation, Gremlin's are great because of Gracie and because they cheat whilst cheating. I am looking forward to more Gremlin games tomorrow when I take them to Heartfaux! On that note, I need to finish painting Somer's hat. Chat soon.

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