Saturday, 3 May 2014

Music and Hobby

 So one of the many facebook groups I am involved in is called 'Tea Makers and Wound Takers' which is made up of old friends, and new ones, in the hobby. It has no specific purpose, other to keep in contact with good friends met through the hobby. Every so often the topic of music and gaming pops up. Normally it's just a random question like 'pick a song that matches your army' and nothing more is said of it, but I think it is useful for more than that. I find that if I can play music, watch films and other things that link with my current theme, I become that much more involved in the project. In short, music keeps me in the zone. I also find that when I am excited about a project I usually enjoy the music, even though it is of very different genre. I might even use it as a test in the future. If I don't know what hobby to do, what music do I want to listen to? Anyway, I thought what I would do today is just give some suggestions of music I associate with hobby projects, maybe to inspire others to do the same, as a bit of fun, and see if they can prolong their hobby passion with some musical accompaniment.

 First up are my chaos space marines, specifically the word bearers, which hopefully you can see in the picture below. For these bad boys I listen to Immolation.

I also have a Valhallan army for 40k, which, unsurprisingly, I listen to the same music I do whilst working on WWII Soviets. If you hadn't guessed already, here is some Red Army Choir.

Lastly of the 40k I have the Tau. I am a little mixed up with these and have two different styles. First of all, excuse the spelling, Jamiroquai. Also the Mass Effect soundtracks.  Possibly why I can't quite decide what I am doing with them.

I have two fantasy armies, but I have no music to associate with the Empire. This might be why I haven't had any inspiration for a good while. As for my orcs, I love a bit of Dethklok. Can you spot the model influence in the pic ;).

Last, but definitely not least, I definitely associate the new Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr) films with Malifaux. I have not, as yet, found music to associate with a particular crew, though. I have dabbled with White Stripes for Gremlins.

 Well, apart from being a whistle-stop tour of my Games Workshop armies, I hope this has given you inspiration to dig out relevant music for your hobby. Until next time.

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