Monday, 26 May 2014

Campaign Ideas: Achievement League

 With the dust beginning to settle after both 'The Good, The Bad and The Fated' and the escalation league running up to it, some of the guys at Worhamma have been thinking about how we can keep the momentum going with Malifaux at the club.

There have been loads of new players starting at the club, which has provided a great atmosphere. If you live locally and haven't had the chance to pop down, I really suggest you do. It's a great friendly atmosphere, I'm sure you'll have a great time. For me info follow the link to Worhamma's facebook page above or follow them on twitter @worhamma.

 There is always a dangerous balance with events, I find. Too little and people start to disperse and look at other rules sets; too much and they get bored and disinterested. Ideally, straight after the events we have just run, I think we want something casual and not too involved. Something that doesn't punish people for not coming or not playing Malifaux every so often, but also something that provides a little incentive. There is talk of another 'The Good, The Bad and the Fated' running in September and I think running a league or campaign 'proper' on the build up to that would then help generate a higher level of enthusiasm, but for now we are best keeping it chilled out.

 A while back I wrote some quick and dirty rules for a set of linked story games, these are just there to provide people with a little bit more inspiration. On the suggestion of Nate Zettle, no doubt inspired by what happened at last years 'Malifools: Campaign of Carnage' I have also thrown out some quick ideas of an 'achievement league' challenges. The basic concept is that, during any game of Malifaux, if you are able to complete any of the things on the list, you simply cross them off. The first person to cross of the entire list wins. Simple.

I am not sure how well some of these will work, but as I said these are just some ideas to help get the ball rolling on this. I'd be interested to here what you guys have to say:

Achievement League ideas

Earn 10 VP in one game
Earn 0 VP in one game
Win a game with no models left on the table
Win a game having killed no enemy models
Gain maximum points with ‘take prisoner’ on the enemy leader
Gain maximum points with ‘Frame for Murder’ with your leader as the ‘sucker’
Gain maximum points with ‘Vendetta’ with the cheapest of your models against the enemies most expensive
Kill an enemy model and have one of your models die as part of the same action
Have one enemy model keep the ‘distracted’ condition for every turn of one game
Have one enemy model keep the ‘cursed object’ condition for every turn of one game
Have one of your models not leave your deployment zones for the entire game
Have an enemy kill one of your models in turn one
Play 8 turns in one game
Get 4 victory points for Reckoning
Get 4 victory points for Turf War
Get 4 victory points for Reconoiter
Get 4 victory points for Stake a Claim
Get 4 victory points for Squatter’s Rights
Get full points from Power Ritual without using one of your own quarters
Kill your own leader and still win the game
Kill the enemy leader and lose the game
Stop the enemy claiming any VP in one game
Kill a rare 1 enemy model twice in one game  
Take a crew with at least one model from every faction (including Gremlins :p)
Take an entirely female crew
Have one of your models killed by terrain

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