Tuesday, 27 May 2014

How to... Paint Pigs

I have been painting pigs recently and I thought today I would go over how I painted them. Before I go onto it, it needs a little introduction.

My parents live on a small holding and they keep pigs. At the moment they have three, if you are interested they are called Haribo, Sweetheart and Moriati. They are Oxford Sandy and Blacks and I thought it would be cool if I painted my pigs like them.

So the first step of trying to get pigs these colours is to give them a basecoat of Mournfang brown. Despite being a base colour, I still find that I need to multiple layers for this.

Next, I made a 50:50 Skrag brown and Mournfang brown.
The next layer is an equal mix of Skrag, Mournfang and Deathclaw brown. The reasoning for mixing them all is because I think going to skrag is too orange, deathclaw helps soften it.
 Finally, I do a highlight of Deathclaw brown.
For the black patches I made a mix of The Fang and Abbadon Black. I think going straight to black would have been to severe to be natural.
Then to highlight this, just gradually add more of The Fang.
Well hopefully that is handy for some people. I am chuffed I have some painted piggies anyway. Catch you soon.

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  1. I envy your speed at painting my starter set still in the celifane lol hopping to get down to Yorkshire Garrison soon though.