Monday, 5 May 2014


 I mentioned before I am part of a group called Tea-Makers, who all met through playing Games Workshop Games. At the moment there is a massive discussion with people and the new Imperial Guard/ AM book and for me it leads to what I don't like about Game Workshop rules sets. Which basically boils down to not being able to use the toys you have.

 Getting balance in a game system is difficult, I understand that. I think the rule of thumb is the more variables you have the more difficult it is to get balance. As I have said before on the blog, variety in the hobby is critical. It means all the games you play are different and allows people to personalize their collection. For a company it is also critical to keep releasing new things. It means that people will always have something new to buy and also it means the game doesn't stagnate. This means the rules need to change and naturally some things just get left behind.

 I am not angry at anyone for this happening, I am just left feeling a little despondent when I feel I can no longer use my toys. It's such a blow when something you have spent hours painting and modelling becomes obsolete. It might seem easy enough for people to get the latest thing or make tweaks but I tend to view armies as a compositional piece. You carefully select the elements to go in for stylistic reasons and attempting to shoe-horn something else into that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I also get a great deal of satisfaction when something is complete, which constant rules changing it will never be.

It might seem that this only effect larger armies, but I have heard of instances of people who played Malifaux in the last edition (not myself) finding their previous models no longer do what they wanted.

 Where does that leave me? I said pretty recently that I don't like selling things, but is that all that is left for me? Do I hold out waiting for the next rules change hoping for something to magically re-appear? Do I proceed with only generic selections in future projects?

 I'm sorry if this feels like a negative post from me today, I dislike dwelling on the bad stuff of what is meant to be fun, but if I can overcome this mental stumbling block it would be liberating. Thus, as always feedback would be very welcome. Hopefully I can be more positive tomorrow. Until then.

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