Thursday, 5 June 2014

Woke up with a hand

Today I read a blog post that discussed when you keep your cards in Malifaux. I thought today I would go quickly over the masters I have played and the way I have thought about it.

 My first master ever for Malifaux was Pandora, who, before everyone shouts 'filth', I only ever played in second edition. With Pandora I almost never left home without a doppleganger, I am not going over why now but she is my favourite model rules wise in Malifaux. I soon found with this pairing of woes that I needed tomes. Pandora triggers her Incite to cast again on tomes and the dopplegangers mimic triggers off tomes. Generally, if I did not have a 7 or more of tomes in my hand I would ditch everything but 10+, it was almost always crucial for me to have a tome.

 My next master was Lynch and I often found myself discarding down to six cards with Lynch, so it rarely made a difference. Very little is needed suits wise with Lynch, though the odd mask is handy and rams if you have Graves are very nice, so it was generally a case of dropping the lowest. When I didn't have enough cards I tended to keep things 7+. It may seem quite low, but I felt that with mulligan I could afford to dice with the cards a bit more.

 Lucius is next up on the list of masters I played and for him the magic number was 7. 7 allows you to 'give command' or whatever the action was to give out AP and also allowed WP6 models to pass the TN13 horror duel Lucius inflicted when he walked, which is what most of the crew I took was (mainly darkened stuff).

My latest master is Somer and I find he is much more suit (ram) dependent. I will always try and have a ram in hand ready for 'Do it like 'dis'. I almost always try and keep a mask aswell, this gives him the opportunity to either summon or use loudest squeal, which is amazing. Again, other than that 10+ were my limit because I wanted specific suits.

These are not hard and fast rules, it always depends on the situation. I am generally loathed to chuck 7-9 because they will not be in your deck later, but if you need the cards there is nothing you can do.

Just my two cents, hopefully someone found it interesting!

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