Thursday, 19 June 2014

WAAC Paintathon update

A while back I made plans to take part in @docbungle's charity rally 'Wargamers All Against Cancer', or WAAC, which is raising money for MacMillan. My plan is to do a 24 hour 'Paintathon' where I have to paint 100 models.

 Initially I had intended to try and get a few people involved in my plan and get some space in a local hall. However, I have not received any interest from people locally wanting to get involved and when I have tried to hire the local hall for the bank holiday weekend in August I found that it was already booked.

 I am not giving up, though. I will simply be challenging my body to resist sleep with the easy temptation of my own bed. I will do the Paintathon at my own house. This will also allow me to be accessible via skype for almost the whole time so people can check that I am still awake and hurl insults or whatever they fancy.

Of course, anyone who is still interested in getting involved is more than welcome. If you are local, I live near Durham, you are welcome to come to my house to get involved, just beware, obviously, I only have so much room! Also if you live far away and still want to help money for a worthwhile cause then we now have the ability to skype! Bonus.

Of course, the most important way to get involved is to donate money. Cancer effects everyone close to it, not just through health issues but also emotional and fiscal strain. A bit of support at such a difficult time means everything. This is why MacMillan deserves our help, so please pitch in in any way you can.

You can find the link to my just giving page here

Thanks for reading. If you want to get in contact with me about this my email is You can find me on twitter @proximocoal and just using my name should find me on facebook. I hope to hear from you soon.

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