Monday, 16 June 2014

Finished Piggies!

After being confronted with vast walls of text for the last couple of days, I figured it would be reasonable to have a text 'light' post today. A few people have been asking on twitter for pictures of my follically favoured farmyard figure, well here goes nothing.

Above you can see my proxy for old major. The moustache was made using greenstuff, the monocle made from a bent paper clip and the hat was stolen from some WWII Bolt Action Russians from Warlord games.

Next up I have my piggapult. I am sure you have seen this multiple times in multiple blog posts so I shan't explain how it was made.

Finally I have the model I am most proud of, Lady, the female war pig. Many people don't seem to have seen the old war pig model so I am going to take this opportunity to compare the new and the old model:

Hopefully people now will be able to see that I have rounded out Lady's plump behind, given her much more of a stomach (and udders of course!) and also given her much more chin. I personally think it has worked out well, I am much happier with the model now.

So there we have it! As I said, text light today but who doesn't like seeing pictures of pigs? Don't worry, now they are finished the pig obsession will most likely decline a bit... most likely.

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