Saturday, 14 June 2014

Gremlins is Awesome: Into The Breach Lessons

 As promised, another post today about things I gone and learned-ed at my latest tournament. This broadly breaks down into two main areas. Activation ordering and secondly Old Major and Som'er's bromance (I know, for one model this is a bit of a saga).

 First off, and the hardest lessons for me from 'Into The Breach' is activation order. Recently, for whatever reason, I have decided to start treating some planned actions for models as 'safe' and thus delay them while I do other things. This is stupid. Yes, later on your opponent might have less cards and make the move slightly easier, but there are so many tricks and moves in Malifaux that you cannot guarantee that something will happen. If you can do it and it is important bloody well do it! Obviously, there are situations where this doesn't take effect. If you will put yourself in a dangerous position until someone else activates etc. Today, however, I was accepting the danger and deciding there wasn't any. Malifaux's tag line is there for a reason. BAD STUFF HAPPENS.

 As I said in my previous bromance post, Som'er and Old Major have a strange interaction. I think taking him in my generic, non pig, list was a mistake. He is solid, there is no denying that, but in the games we were playing he needed to be able to act by himself and he just couldn't. Soaking up the damage is fine, but there was no real reason for people to attack him. Once someone engaged him he couldn't get away and couldn't kill what was in the way. Without Som'er giving him reactivate, by making the opponent discard their hand (which Som'er couldn't afford to do), he doesn't have 'enough' for this size of game in Recon. However, I do look forward to using him in larger games. Stay tuned.

 Off on a tangent, if anyone was wondering why I am so interested in making the big pig work it is because I have a model of a pig with a tash, monacle and hat. I want to use him.

 So there we go, more thinkin' luck for the Gremlins in the future I hope. Stay tuned for tomorrow's installment!

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