Sunday, 8 June 2014

How to ... Make Pillars

Today I continue with making terrain for 'Not a Bad Thing' ,the tournament running at Worhamma in Sunderland on the 13th September, with some pillars for the honeypot/star board.

 In order to make some yourself you'll need the obvious: pva, a sharp knife (I recommend replacing the blade on your hobby knife for this, it makes it much easier) rule, pencil, cutting mat; and you will also need some foam board. This stuff is absolutely fantastic. I think the best place to get it from is Antenocitis Workshop. I used 3mm stuff.

 First of all, as you can see in the picture above, you need the basic shapes. My measurements were based on the figure I intended to stand upon the plinth. The larger squares are 1.5". The smaller 1.25". The long bits are 2.5" by 1".

Next thing you need to do is making the connecting joints for the pillar. I can't remember what this technique is called by you cut through the first layers of card but not the second (bottom). Then simply remove the foam so you end up with a lip of card as shown in the picture above. These then go over the edge of the next piece as shown below.
Then simply glue the small squares onto each end and then the larger squares ontop of them.One pillar, ready for a sculpture.

I have decided to stick the sculptures down, I'll just have to be careful with them. First I superglued them to their base and (which is a 25mm GW square base) and then PVAd that to the plinth.

Hope you have a good #wyrdweekend.

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  1. Where or what exactly is that miniature you used for the statue? How high is it in mm?