Monday, 30 June 2014

Rampage Review

 I call this post a review, but it's more of a froth. On Sunday, in addition to getting a game of Bolt Action in, I was able to play a game of Rampage that one of the guys was kind enough to bring down. There is almost always at least one board game going on at Worhamma, so if you've not been and just want to see what's going on, it's worth coming and having a go because there will be something you can get involved with.

 So what is Rampage? It's a board game for up to 4 people where you take the role of monsters and destroy/ devour a city. That's right, there stereotypical young boys game of destroying cities was made into an actual board. Awesome, right? Well, it get's better. The game is really physical, in order to move your monster, for example, you flick your playing piece. Your monster can do a breath attack and to do that you literally blow onto the board. You can even throw nearby trucks by flicking them aswell! The aim of the game is to destroy buildings and eat the people inside, if a person falls onto you area and is not on the building or sidewalk you eat it and put it in your pile.

 As you might imagine this can cause some carnage, wooden people go flying across the room as you physically break down a city! There are penalties for sending things across the room, so people tend to be less ridiculous... unless you are me and are just in it for the mindless destruction.

 The game gets better with masses of special cards to enhance your monster. Everyone gets one character card, one power and one special power. For example, you could end up being a punk monster who gets extra benefits from eating businessmen and old men.

 As you can probably tell, I had a great time. I lost, but had so much fun doing it. I think it takes you to release your inner-child, but who doesn't want to be a bit silly every now and then.

The game retails at £45, but you can get a copy at Worhamma for the discounted price of £40.50. When I last spoke to them, they even had a limited edition copy left so you get stickers for the people inside. Get in contact with them @Worhamma on twitter or follow this link for them on facebook.

 I cannot recommend the game enough, it was so much fun!

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