Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Wargames Factory Roman Cavalry Review

On my last post I chatted about my plan for a paintathon, 24 hour painting to raise money on behalf of WAAC and Macmillan which you can donate to here, I have been thinking about what 100 models I can paint.

 I, like many wargamers, have a 'pile of shame' of models I haven't got round to. I know I have enough models to paint for the magic 100, but it's thinking of what models I would like to paint. So far I have decided I am going to paint my soviets for bolt action. Above you should be able to see some progress on a test scheme, but they still have a way to go. Below are the soviets I intend to paint. Total 65 models.

After that I still have a third of the models left to paint! I thought I could stick with historical theme, however, and paint up the Roman Cavalry that I got at Christmas gathering dust in the cupboard. In order to do this I had to build them and I thought I should go over what I thought in my initial forays into the box.

First off, I was thoroughly impressed looking at the sprue. There are lots of options for the riders in so far as weapons are concerned. Onto a winner, I thought anyway.
The first thing I did, however, was build the horses. I did this because I intended to work out how to base them. I still have not worked out how to base them. Ideally I'd like to be able to make them slot into whatever base I needed, so intended to make bases that they could just slot into. The base that the horse is standing on, however, is thinner than I thought so I am concerned about it not being stable or not level.

 Moving on from my tangent, I thought the horses were actually really nice. They seemed to have decent musculature, though I am concerned they are a little squat, perhaps it's the size of their heads. Anyway, I thought they were decent.

When I finally got round to build the riders, however, I was thoroughly disappointed. The weapons did not fit into the hands aswell as I thought they would and there are a limited amount of poses with the arms. The arms themselves have no detail, I am not sure if he is wearing sleeves. The head also does not into the grove where it should go, if you do not trim it down he has a very long neck. The head itself also seems to large for the torso, though in the picture they look fine. Basically, I think they look naff.

I am hoping they will look better as a squad, with their shields, and with paint but I am actually not happy with them at all.

If I do include them that will put my total pool of paintathon models up to 77 (12 cavalry in a box). I better start digging out so more things that need a lick of paint!

Finally I would just like to say that I know I have not been anywhere near as regular as I had been at the start, but I really do only want to post something if I have something to say so from now on I won't apologize. I think next time I will go over some plans I have for the next tournament at Worhamma. Until then.