Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Not a Bad Thing: Initial Plans

If you have been keeping up to date with my ramblings you would have seen that I made loads of terrain for the Sunderland tournament 'The Good, The Bad and The Fated'. Recently Worhamma have announced they will be running another event this year, 'Not a Bad Thing'. It's running on the 13th of September and you can keep up to date either through the facebook event page or on the Wyrd Forum.

 For a brief overview, after receiving some feedback the crew size was increased to 45ss. In response to Joel Henry's request for events without fixed faction, whether the event will be fixed faction or open faction hiring pool is in discussion. 4 games. £15 entry and you will be fed bacon banjos and lunch by the ever-pleasing hosts at Worhamma. Also, due to the amount of space we had, last time there was a dining area, we have increased the size of the event to 32 players, though 13 tickets have already sold!

So more players means more tables. Once again I intend to step up and see what I can provide.

 A little while ago I told everyone about receiving TT Combat's Kickstarter, the MDF terrain, and I said I would review it. I lied. I can, however, now show you the built products which are part way through spraying:

Jen was saying that she would like to have caves for the train tracks to go into. Fortunately, a very generous man known as Dave Golden, or God Golden on the Wyrd Forum, has given me a whole load of large pieces of pink foam to play with:

So I am going to try and build a 3d board for Malifaux, with some cliff faces and stuff. God knows if it will work. I think I am going to stick with the typical wild west dusty style because everyone has got to have at least one...
You can see above that I had started work on another table for the last tournament but basically I had run out of energy. This was going to be my showgirl board, or 'The Star'. I don't intend to make internal walls or anything, on the basis that I am sure a hall could be big enough for a Malifaux battlefield, but as you can see I have many tables. The round ones I am thinking of having raised wooden seating areas, so that they have a base so they can be used as forests. The square tables will be on their side as shown so they can act as linear obstacles. They need to have wooden decking attached to the top.
The picture above is from a grab bag I got from Kingdom Death at Christmas. The bag contained a whole bunch of limited ed models and also a whole bunch of stuff they couldn't sell, like these headless and handless scantily clad ladies. I know this seems a bit out of place, but I thought these could make absolutely awesome statues to go in 'The Star'. I intend to make pillars for them to stand on, making useful scatter. The last, and definitely not least, thing is that I want to make a stage. It will most likely be the centre circle used for turf war in size. I think I am going to have to chat nicely to Nate Zettle to see if I can borrow is hot wire cutter again.

The next problem I have is the base board for this table. When I made the graveyard mat, shown below for those who haven't seen it or can't remember, I intended for it to work either for 'The Star' or for the graveyard. If I need to provide more tables for the tournament, however, I am going to need to provide another mat or board. I have a few ideas, like I could make a wooden board effect across the entire board or I can make another more traditional graveyard mat, but I still haven't decided.

That's all the plans from me for now. I have already have lots of tables made and I suspect the 3D Wild West board to take a long time. As always, I'd love to hear advice and comments. Chat soon.

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