Saturday, 7 June 2014

Porcine Progress

Today I was hoping to do some battle reports from the Vassal tournament, but unfortunately it has been cancelled due to not enough interest. On the positive, I have spent this morning making a bit of progress on some hobby and I thought I would share.

My proudest pig first, it's my old major. This is using the pig ambulance proxy I discussed in an earlier blog post. He's nearly ready for some paint.

Next I have Mrs. Warpig. For those of you who don't know, Malibro do a painting competition each month for Malifaux models. This month's theme is 'Ladies Night'. As soon as I heard this I immediately wanted to paint a female pig. Unfortunately, I had already painted Gracie and I don't like the idea of making a 3 headed pig for the sow. I have struck for trying to make a female warpig.

Honestly, I do not like the current warpig model. It is not pig shaped. I figured however, that when and if Wyrd do produce a new plastic warpig, there will likely be only one sculpt and I will definitely want more than one if I plan to use Ulix. I might see if I can have a go at rounding her out a bit, but I really don't put much stead in my sculpting ability.

Finally on the pig front I have tried to do a bit more work on the piggapult. The Gremlin is taken from the Warpig. One of my favourite thing about Old Major is that he allows you take a crew made entirely of pigs, so I don't want a pesky Gremlin ruining that. I think it's looking better now, with a bit more weight at the back, but there is still something missing. There is a void in between the Gremlin and the mortar and I am not sure what can fill it. Maybe a Gremlin with a looking glass?

 Next I thought I'd show you my planned layout for the western board for 'Not a Bad Thing' which is running at Worhamma in September. The Table it's on is slightly smaller than 3' square, but I thought it was enough to get a good idea of what to do. The bit where the tape measure is and the card protectors are where cliffs will go, at the right height to match with the aqueducts and walkways. There will also be cliff areas directly opposite where the smaller tracks lead into. I am currently debating with myself to make a 3d board or just to make scatter cliff sections. The reason for the latter choice is that I don't have enough space in the house. We'll see what I can manage.

 Finally I thought I'd show where I'd got with my Roman Cavalry. If you remember, I had started building them to paint for my WAAC painting marathon, which you can support and raise money for Macmillan by sponsering here. When I last wrote about them I was not happy, hoping they'd improve with shields and as a unit. As you can see in the picture I think they have, but they're still not great.

 I had also mentioned last time about making bases for them to slot into. The more I investigated, however, the more I realized that area around the horses' base would be too small and the larger base not stable. Thus, I plucked for the old tradition of giving in and just stuck them to their bases. I did, however, make the rookie error of not allowing enough room on either side for 'ranking up'. It really has been a long time since I have done any mass battle games.

Right, that's all the WIP from me. Chat soon.


  1. The board is looking good man. Where'd you get the train and tracks from?

    1. Thanks. All the terrain is from TT Combat.