Saturday, 21 June 2014

Not a Bad Thing: Terrain Progress

Not a Bad Thing is running on the 13th September at Worhamma, Sunderland. You can find more details for the event on its facebook page or on the Wyrd Forum page. We had a great time at our last event, 'The Good, The Bad and The Fated', it was a great crowd and had a great atmosphere, make sure you don't miss out on this one!

 For this event, the numbers have been upped to 32 and I have stepped up to make some boards to play on. Today's blog post is just reporting some progress on the boards.

First up I have my Wild West mining board. All of the laser cut terrain is from TT Combat and is kindly being let by my girlfriend. The rocky out crops have been cut from pink foam kindly gifted to me by David Golden which has been cut by Nate Zettle's hot wire cutter (damn, I am a cheap skate) and then hacked at with a knife.

I am pretty chuffed with this board layout and proportions of terrain so it is just a case of painting it. Jen will be painting her MDF terrain so it is just a case of getting the colours right on the mat and rocks.

The second board I have been working on for the tournament is the dining hall board. I have added some taller stage sections since people have last seen it and on recommendations I have also added some private booths.  I still think that it's not enough, however.

I do have some more tables, though, so I can make another table forest easily. The main problem I think is terrain that will block LoS. I intend to make some curtains or vanity screens to go around some of the table sections. I think with those additions it should be fine, but please let me know what you think.

Finally I thought I'd throw up some pictures of terrain I did for Vince Usher as a favour. I don't know if it will feature at the tournament, but its what I gone and done so y'all can look at it all the same.

Well that's everything from me, apart from one more picture I am going to squeeze in. Ta ta for now.

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