Sunday, 29 June 2014

Variety and WAAC

 Yesterday I went to the local club Worhamma with the intention of doing something a little different. As you might be able to tell, I have been playing Malifaux near exclusively for about a year so a bit of variety helps to keep things fresh and exciting. Fortunately, the scene at Worhamma is really good and people seem to be up for trying new things. There were games of X-Wing, 40k and various board games going on. I opted for some Bolt Action.

 I have never been a World War II fanatic. It's an interesting period of history, but I almost feel like people obsess over it. I got into for two reasons. Firstly, there was a decent community building up and I wanted to break the GW stranglehold. Secondly, I am obsessed with Soviets. I know that seems counter to what I just said about not being a fanatic, but I feel that Russia is like another world. I am more interested in the revolution than true 'Soviets', but it's good enough for me!

 There hasn't been masses of activity in the system for a little bit, but when I suggested it as a bit of a change a few people have had their interests piqued. It's a good side game and I think that's how we are beginning to look at it. The rules aren't complicated. You hit, with modifiers, and wound just like GW, but it has a really good mechanic for pinning which makes it a really interesting and involving game.

This Sunday I played Scott, it was his first game using the rules but seem to find it easy to get stuck in. I probably got some rules wrong but we both had a great time. Some key moments were some Birtish commandos charging into my people's militia and butcher them to a man, only to be counter charge by a SMG squad and being butchered in return. A British mortar was able to zero in it's first shot and obliterate a sniper position, but the second was able to withstand repeated sniper and mortar barrage.

 I am glad I had so much fun playing the game because it has given me more incentive to paint the army for my paintathon, 24 hours of painting to raise money for MacMillan Cancer support and WAAC. I received my first sponsor yesterday, I am very grateful to Adam Sellers. Please join him and help a worthy cause.

You can find my 'Just Giving' page here

Thanks everyone for reading.

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