Saturday, 26 July 2014

How to... Display Base

This morning I had a Eureka moment and I thought I'd share it. I have been thinking on and off about making display bases for mine and Jen's Arcworlde stuff, which is a fantasy skirmish game that we backed on Kickstarter. The models are not the best sculpts but are cool and full of character, they remind me a lot of the fable series of games (but with more not humans) and are really enjoyable to paint.

 Anyway, so what of this Eureka moment? Well I realized what I could do for the base... an ice cream tub lid. I generally save ice cream tubs because they are really good for storing large mixes of paint I make for terrain and boards.

 Next I got some DAS air drying clay and filled it up. I then got a rolling pin, use some water to try and make sure the clay didn't stick, and rolled it flat, using a knife to cut off any excess.

Next I added some of the texture. I backed a stamping kit from Happy Suppuku which I used to base the models which I then used on this. It didn't work perfectly because the stamp wasn't large enough, but it was good to get a general idea so I could then define it better with a knife.

After that was done I then used the base of the models to stamp the clay so I could see where to cut. Cut slightly larger than the base though so the models will fit. The depth of the clay was a bit deep, so I cut the excess circle of clay and cut it in half and put it back in. In the end you should get something like this:

Well that's it from me! I won't do anymore until I know that this one works, I need to wait for it to dry and paint it. One of the things I am worried about it whether the tub itself will take paint. If I have any problems I will let you know. Hope this was useful.

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