Friday, 4 July 2014

Bayou Boss Froth

Squee! I got 'em Pa! The Bayou Boss has finally is my sticky mitts and I couldn't resist started sticking them together. Here's a quick look at the sprues and what I have been up to so far.

 The model I was most excited about was Lenny. I love the concept and rules wise he could be useful. Making the model was a dream. The Mould lines were not a major issue, I swear that one of the arms had none visible, I even got someone else to check for me. The bits went together perfectly and it was largely obvious where things went, though one thing is the dent in the piglet, who is adorable, is to slot onto Lenny's side, not to rest on the hand which is molded onto the pig. One thing that was laughable was the tiny pig tail, shown below, which was individual. It came on a tab though so it went on fine. I generally have no issue with small parts, just make sure you are building models somewhere that you can find dropped things!

Next up I built the Skeeter, another thing that I was desperate for this box for. So first of all the models are gorgeous. It looks amazing, what else can I say! There is no chance on hell, however, that it will fit on a 30mm base. Some people on the internet have suggested making it fly, but for me it is completely wrong pose for that. The other thing is that the legs are a bit of a bitch! I suggest not trying to fit the end blocks into the groove like a jigsaw but focusing instead on the grooves that the legs fit into. It's a bitch.

The parts are a little spindly on the sprue, one of the antenna snapped as I tried to remove it (I think it was already broken though) but other than a little snap everything went together well and still no lost parts.

Next onto the models I haven't built. Firstly the Bayou gremlins. I don't have any particular need for more Bayou Gremlins, I haven't used all 8 in one game ever, but the models are so sweet. The one with a pipe is my favourite. I was laughing over the fact that one of the models' hat is in two pieces separate to his head but as I said before it doesn't bother me. I started to think about this and it might be because, as you can see on the plastics, Wyrd have put quite alot of shallow details onto their models. I don't know about plastic molding processes but might things be in separate pieces because they can't manage shallow and deep details?

Next up is Som'er. I am not entirely sure what I am going to do with this guy. He's had loads of stick on the internet and I am not entirely sure why. Honestly, I prefer, from the artwork anyway, the old metal alternative model but I think this one is head and shoulders above the original. People have said that he is in a weird pose, but he is just running. Not what I imagine the portly gremlin doing, but that's not that weird really? So I am half tempted to build and paint him to prove a point. However, I do already have the metal alternative Som'er and having recently seen the new Ulix artwork I though he could easily become a proxy for the hogfather. A decent bushy beard, peg leg and bow and he's away. Aghh! Decisions!

Last but definitely not least we have the lovely Johanna. What a beauty she is. People have mentioned that hammer is a bit small for melee 3" range, but I have always found the combat ranges in Malifaux arbitrary at best. The hammer suits the model down to the ground, it's beautiful. She might also get some game time with the Gremlins, it's their only access to condition removal and could be fun alongside the piggapult (fire someone, then remove paralysed!)

Right, that's it from me today. Big thanks to +Andrew Richardson and @Worhamma for providing some excellent service despite major problems caused by the distributer. Tomorrow, what gaming madness I got up to after I picked up my shiny new toys! 

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