Saturday, 12 July 2014

Progress and Pictures

So The Outpost very kindly sent my camera back so I can now put some pictures of what I have been doing recently.

 Today I had my first ever go at using a airbrush. It's more difficult than it looks! Above you can see where I have used a stencil on the stage. Below is where I have tried to highlight with it.

Whilst waiting for the compressor to cool down I also did the finishing touches on my Bayou Gremlins.

A few days ago I made my Ulix Proxy from the plastic Som'er.

Finally here's a bunch of pictures from the Sheffield tournament 'Cojo Dojo'

I asked Brookes if it was alright to take pictures, wasn't expecting this were you!

His very tanky Raspy crew

End of the game sees not much left from the Gremlins, but keeping the ice folk at bay

All my painted Gremlins out for painting competition

 Unfortunately I forgot about getting pictures of all the crews until it was too late.

My pig crew for reckoning

Most of the Hoff crew that faced me in reckoning and that's all I got. I really suck at this taking pictures thing!

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