Monday, 4 August 2014

Gremlins is Awesome - Ulix Continued

For those who don't regularly read, I have challenged myself to play exclusively with Ulix, the pig master for Gremlins, in my games of Malifaux recently to see if I can get him to work. I have had mixed luck with the master, but things are definitely improving. Today I think I will just go over my thoughts on him so far.

 The more I play not reckoning, the more I think that summoning piglets is amazing. They were instrumental in my last game, particularly as I took the upgrade 'Corn Husks' so they could interact for 0. They are, however, a bit of a headache to play with. You have to be prepared for every trigger, or be prepared to have your hand drained of cards. There are ways around this, but it's not worth Old Major's 'nudge them on' for a 4 stone minion. They are really interesting to use, however, and I look forward to getting a bit more used to their mad activations!

 One thing I found is that I was getting locked into a set list with Ulix. I had decided that he would only work with Lenny and that thus Gracie was then next natural option. Last night I forced myself to take neither of those two models and found that it worked fine. It just means I have to be more careful with the cards I keep and use, but also gave me many more options for the models I used.

 For many, many reasons Ulix likes to clump his crew together. This is a major disadvantage, however, in many scheme pools. Thus I took a random Bayou Gremlin in the crew last night. I think it was a great idea. Normally when I make a crew I have constantly got my eye on how things will synergize and the Bayou Gremlin simply does not. It does mean he can act independently, however, which is a real boon. If I had the models I'd be tempted to try rooster riders with him, but unfortunately not.

 Another new model in my arsenal is the lovely Penelope, Ulix's totem. I hadn't looked at this model properly before because I had only been considering Ulix for reckoning, but the more I look the more I like. She helps the pigs low walk stat, which is really useful, and a free 6" push for not cost as a 0 action is fantastic! She can also stop 'set er off' within 8" and can 'from the shaddows'. Not bad for 2 stones!

 I haven't really got a conclusion to this post, just sharing my enjoyment for the bearded wonder. I was starting to feel a bit stuck in a rut with him because I was using the same list, but I feel a lot better now I am swapping things around. I looked forward to demonstrating from across the gaming table soon.

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