Monday, 21 July 2014

WAAC plans

Since I last sent out a plea for sponsors for my 'Wargamers All Against Cancer', or WAAC, paintathon I have received masses of support. It's absolutely fantastic. thanks to each and every one of you for helping. It really means a lot to me and I am sure it will mean the world to MacMillan and those poor people who have to suffer with cancer. To see how much I have raised so far and possibly help support the cause yourself, please visit my just giving page. Remember, although some people have been extremely generous so far and I really appreciate it, I am only asking for 1p per miniature. That's £1 for all 100 miniatures I intend to paint in 24 hours.

 So the name of this blog post is plans, so what plans? Well I haven't been exactly clear as of yet when I will actually being doing the deed. I have been going to interviews and stuff so I couldn't say when I would be free. I think, however, that I can start to nail a date down now. I'll be starting on Sunday the 24th of August at 09:00 and finish the same time on the bank holiday Monday. With any luck this will give me decent chance of staying awake for long enough to complete the task, be part of the rest of the WAAC movement, but still give those who are going to support me through it (and another big thankyou to you guys aswell) a chance to collapse on the bank holiday Monday and recover for work on the Tuesday.

It's not a long blog post from me today, just an update. If you want to contact me for more info or if you want to get involved you can find me on twitter @proximocoal, facebook under the name Connor Barker, or email

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