Tuesday, 8 July 2014

WAAC Spend a Penny

 We are rapidly closing on the month of August and the day where I will battle insomnia and churn out as many miniatures as I possibly can with my Paintathon. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, there is charity campaign 'Wargamers All Against Cancer' or WAAC for short which is raising money for Macmillan so that they can continue to provide essential support to those suffering from cancer. In order to try and raise money for this campaign, I have pledge to stay up 24 hours and paint 100 figures. 

 I am not 100% sure what day/s this is going to cover. I am currently applying for jobs, some of which have said that no holidays are available in the first few months and you need to work bank holidays. If I get them then I would need to do the marathon on the weekend and not the bank holiday like the rest of the WAAC events. Also, a few people have pledged their support: Aidan Connor has said he'll visit for a bit, Chris King has said he will link up on skype and participate in the madness, Dan Johnson and Chris Hay have also said they will be in contact on skype; I need to make sure any times I organize are good for them aswell, particularly as Dan is in 'Merica. 

 A really big thank you to those guys, I was getting a bit worried that this was going to be an exercise in futility but their support has made all the difference. Particularly thanks goes to Chris Hay who is my second sponsor. Really, it means loads to me. Thanks.

 This post focus is not meant to be on the logistics of the event, however, but on a new way of donating I have thought of. Personally I never really know how much to give to charity. I don't have a decent job or lots of money, it's my partner that is supporting me financially, so I never feel I can give much. However, I also feel that people might think I am insulting them and their cause if I don't give very much. If you give to this charity then why not to another? If you give a decent amount to all you'll become a miser in no time. I'll be honest and say that this uncertainty has often led to me not donating at all. I was thinking that if I am not alone in this mentality then I want a way round it.

 My solution is simple, I'm going to ask for a very small specific amount. 1p per figure I paint in the 24 hours. 100 models painted means £1. I think almost everyone can manage £1 and if everyone does find it in their hearts to donate then it combine to make a very big difference. If you feel you can help those who provide such a valuable service to those suffering from Cancer then please visit my justgiving page to donate. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

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