Thursday, 10 July 2014

Malifaux Mercenaries

 Sitting on my painting table at the moment is the lovely Johanna, who is, by the way, a fantastic model. Johanna is one of the models who is a 'go to' mercenary. A decent attack with a good trigger, access to flurry supporting the powerful ability to remove conditions makes her useful with almost anyone. However, despite the access to Johanna and many other brilliant mercenary models I have only used mercenaries once despite over a year of playing loads of Malifaux.

 I think part of the reason for this is fluff. Johanna is not green and at the moment that's where my head is at. I don't know why any of the mercenaries would fight for the Gremlins, who I doubt are wealthy enough to pay for their services anyway. Previously I used Neverborn and Pandora and I could see no way she would feel the need to hire someone. The one time I have used them is Lucius hiring performers, but that in my head just works thematically and looks right on the table.

 The solution to this could be making models that fit the style of the models. I could, for example, make Gremlin versions of mercenaries. There are of course issues with this. First, most mercenaries are height 2 which is taller than your average Gremlin. Secondly, they still wouldn't have the Gremlin characteristic which not only makes their model misleading but also leads onto my next reason for not taking mercenaries, lack of synergy.

 There are many things within the Gremlin faction which work so well together that they are often competing for space in my lists, introducing something that doesn't add anything to anyone else in the crew just feels like I am shooting myself in the foot. Yes, they are usually good on their own but I just don't feel that is enough.

 All this being said and done, however, I do have plans to field Johanna on the table. I want to try her out with the Piggapult so I can launch people and then remove paralyse and with Lenny to do the same but removing the insignificant. I am also wondering whether it is worth taking some against specific factions, Neverborn, for example, to seem to rely on conditions. I guess we will have to see.

 That's enough about mercs for today. Tonight I have been challenged to a game of 'Faux at Worhamma in Sunderland, duelling across the swamp board no-less! I'll probably use Ulix regardless, unless a very specific strategy and scheme pool comes up they I want to try, so my next post is likely to be about the pig master himself.  Chat soon.

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