Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Gremlin Plans

So I did it! I am now number 1 Gremlin in Britain! If you don't know what I am talking about you can check out the Malifaux Rankings here. I never thought I'd manage this, I was amazed in my first event that I managed to get first place! So it appears I am far better with Gremlins than with Neverborn.

 My initial plan for this year was to get into the top 3 Gremlins, hoping for second place, but now I have managed it what next? I like having a target. It makes me more excited about events and enjoy them more. Unfortunately the target can only get harder and harder at this point. The next one can only be getting into the masters! It's tough competition up there though and I don't expect to manage it. Still, a Gremlin can dream.

 All this being said what I really want to do from now on is get Ulix down. I am certain that I can make things work for him and despite some savage defeats I have also had some major victories. I intend to use him for every game for a little while now, regardless of scheme or strategy, so I can really nail down what I am doing. It means I will lose games, undoubtedly, but I think it will make me a better player if I can have more options when a tournament comes round. I think the same thing will eventually be true of Wong, but I will try and focus on one master at a time.

The reason I am thinking about doing this is I am not sure I learnt anything from this last tournament. I used, mainly, tried and tested strategies to get the job done. Obviously it was effective, I did come first, but I really enjoy learning new things from events and I don't want to end up playing the same game every time.

So that's it. I will cry and moan when I miss my Som'er but it will be worth it in the long run. I will master the pigs, stay tuned.

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