Friday, 18 April 2014

Painter or Gamer?

Hi again,

First off, sorry for the spelling and grammar mistakes in the last post. I hate proof reading.

 I don't know how often I will be able to put these up, I originally thought every day but that didn't last long :p. I thought it best, instead, to make use of inspiration when I had it and get on with some hobby. Yes, I know, last time I was saying I had hit a block and I wasn't sure what to do hobby wise and now I am struck with a passion for painting. That's the topic I really wanted to talk about today, but first I am going to throw down some pictures of hobby progress:

Above is my test model for upcoming Gremlins. Inspired by 'Henchman Lee', he is made from 40k Gretchin with the nose carved off and a little green stuffed hat. The greenstuff is shoddy, I have never been any good with it, and the hat doesn't fit right on his head (which is why he is the test model) but overall I am really happy with it. What do you think?

 Where did this gremlin come from? I know I said last time that I was waiting on the new Gremlin boxes before I get started but that wasn't exactly true. I had built some of these toe-rags before hand, so I had no excuse not to get started whilst I wait for 'The Bayou Boss' and 'The Kin' to arrive. What was really holding me back was that I felt I couldn't play any games with them. Fortunately at Worhama, my local club in Sunderland, an escalation league has started and I jumped on the opportunity. The game went well, it was very silly and lots of fun, but that's not what I wanted to talk about today. The reason I am telling you this is because this, to my mind, proves I am a 'Gamer'.

 Obviously I am a 'Gamer' in the traditional sense because I enjoy playing tabletop and computer games, but what I mean is that I am more of 'a Gamer' than 'a Painter'. I enjoy painting, once I get into it (my real passion is trying out new things, such as strange colour combinations) and I am fortunate to have been awarded a few awards for what I have done. Some people have called me, because of this, a 'Painter', but I have told them, rather ungraciously looking back on it, that they're wrong. I only paint models to play games, if I do not get to play games with my models then I quickly lose interest. My talented girlfriend on the other hand is, to my mind' 'a Painter' (you can see some of her figures here). Jen purchases figures just to paint them, she likes the idea of gaming but it is only of secondary interest. For me this is how the two are defined. If you have ever written an army list before putting paintbrush to figure, bought a model for its rules rather than sculpt, or even looked for a proxy to fit a rule set rather than model to rules, then you are a gamer.

As an aside, there are obviously shades of grey (within which I would place myself) but I would be interested to hear what others thought on the topic.

 Why does this matter anyway? For me it is important that you know what you like. Hobbyists often hit slumps, painters blocks etc. and it can seem that there is no way out. If you know what really drives your hobby, then you know how to get your passion back. When I made the last post I felt like I was in that slump, but I knew as soon as I got some Gremlin figures on the table I would be alright. I would be interested to know if other people found the same thing, or whether they knew of other ways to spark inspiration in a gamer. Please comment with your thoughts.

Right, I think that's about enough of me for now! Today I have a tournament in Seaham 'Dark Breach Beatdown' so, due to my already mentioned passion for gaming, I imagine I will want to write up a review of the day when I get back. I am treating this as yesterday's blog post, it is early enough from where I am sitting, so you may even get another one today. I would rather not make this a chore and/or full of empty words, so no promises. Anyway, until then.

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