Friday, 25 April 2014

Gremlins is Awesome

 So as I have mentioned before, I have recently started playing with Gremlins in Malifaux. I have only being playing small, Henchman led games for the most part but I thought I'd share what I have learnt so far.

 Guns are cool. I have previously only played Neverborn and I was getting a bit sick of being constantly out-ranged. Now I have 3ss minions with a 12" range boomstick! Winner! O.K. They aren't the best shots in the world, more optimistic than anything, but the sheer fact that you can fire wildly in my opponents direction whilst they can do nothing is great. However, I am failing to get over the mindset of Neverborn and have been running into the fray only to get smushed. Even simply for scheme choice it makes you think. I took distract the other day, because I thought I would out-activate my opponent so would be easy. What I hadn't thought about was that I didn't want to get within arms reach of my foe. No points for that one!

 The reason I have been so enthusiastic about charging off to my doom is the large availability of AP in the faction. I find myself looking for reasons to burn wounds and go wild and I think that is a mistake. Wounds are essentially a resource for Gremlins and need to be used wisely (although gremlin wisdom is often found in the slurred words at the bottom of a moonshine jar). The lure of the slop hauler is strong. If I can just heal up that Gremlin later, what's the worry? The slop hauler's attack, though, is VERY good, surprisingly so, and I would just be wasting AP on what is likely a worse attack if I rely on him to heal up drunk gremlins.

 Finally, on the note of wounds, Gremlins die. Gremlins die lots. It may seem obvious but I came to the gremlins thinking I might actually indulge in the combat mechanics of the game, so would attempt to kill my opponent first. It is quite remarkable how many different ways the gremlins have of killing themselves. I should just need to not be surprised if my activation advantage is quickly lost under a pile of dead, if not optimistic, Greenskins.

That's all for now, as I have said I have not played many games with them, but I will try and pick this back up again later. Until then.


  1. excited about the new releases but sad about ongoing delays :(

  2. Yeh, I just heard about them. Really gutted.