Saturday, 26 April 2014

New toys

 I mentioned in the first post that I have Deadzone and Sedition Wars. I really would like to play these games but I don't know anyone that plays them already. It's not like there aren't gamers in my area, I could attend 5 different clubs if I wanted to and could afford the time and resources needed. The problem is how do I get gamers in my area to try new things?

A rebel from Deadzone, painted by Jen Truby

 Partly, it feels like a catch 22. I am a gamer, I paint models to play games, so if I don't play the game I won't paint. However people like how a game and its miniatures look, so if you don't get nice looking figures on the table gamers won't come looking. Also, with almost all clubs there is a 'critical mass' required to make a game a staple. People won't invest in something unless they know they can get games out of it, which in turn means other people won't invest. There is also the issue of knowing the rules. I have not really played either game, so don't know their mechanics very well. I am not exactly going to make a good teacher that way!

An enforcer from Deadzone, painted by Jen Truby

 It's not impossible to get new things started up though. Recently one of my local clubs, Worhamma, has picked up Malifaux and is doing very well. An escalation league has been started up to help people get into it and around 11-12 people play games for it each session! Fortunately, it had all of those previously mentioned elements in play. Nate Zettle, our local henchman, and I have been playing for a little while now so are able to teach what we know. We both have painted crews to be able to display, Nate having many. There was also the opportunity to play Malifaux at various events and a pre-made group for the Malifaux community in the North East, so there was some assurance that there will be people to play against. I would also like to mention, and thank, Worhamma's stirling effort to see the game kick off. It has been fantastic.

A Plague Dog from Deadzone, painted by me

When you haven't got these things, what can you do? Well for the sci-fi games I mentioned earlier I am thinking of running a couple of games with all my stuff. It doesn't need to be big, just a few of the gamers you know the best locally. I am fortunate to be able to field multiple factions of Deadzone and Sedition Wars so my opponent would not need to bring anything. I would explain that I did not have a in-depth knowledge of the rules, it would be a learn as we play sort of thing. Maybe I should ask others if there is something we should try out and make a day of it? With all these Kickstarters about, one would have thought there would be a few people with models for an unestablished game.

A strain from Sedition Wars, another one of mine

 I suppose in the end, what it really boils down to is simply ask. Ask people if they want to try it, and if they are interested let them have a go!

Goodies from Sedition Wars, it's Jen's again as you likely guessed

(P.S. Don't expect me to get started and review Sedition Wars and Deadzone any time soon. My local club has just started with Malifaux after all, I don't want to overload them!)

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