Sunday, 20 April 2014


I am worried this is going to be a bit of a hobby moan from me. It might be because I have this new soap box has gone to my head, if so do please let me know, but I am going to take this opportunity to talk about hobby banter. First, though, I'd like to start with something a bit more positive and a picture of my proxy Francois until the real shady becomes mine.

 Anyway, so what of this moan? Well I think sometimes it can go a little far and it affects the people you are playing with. I am not saying don't do it, it's hilarious and it makes for a friendly atmosphere when done right. What is bugging me, when it gets down to it, is 'Filth'. It's not really that specific term, it's just the accusation that the opponents force is, by nature, far stronger and has given them an unfair advantage. It's often said in jest, and often not really taken seriously, the problem is if it is said constantly then it undermines your opponent.

 The game we play is competitive, I don't mean 'win at all cost' etc. but more that you challenge each other and mentally compete for victory. You can respect an opponent who successfully outmatched you and the victor has felt like they have achieved something. Unbalanced forces completely undermine this, as does the accusation of lack of balance. All pride in victory is stripped. Even if you don't mean it, if said enough it can really undermine people. On Malifools, for example, you hear of Joel Henry starting his 'Rainbow Challenge' because he felt, somewhat, that because Neverborn were accused of being 'broken' in the last edition he needed to prove himself. Mike stopped playing McMorning, who he loves, and started on Thunders because he was accused of using the master as 'a crutch'. I think it affects many negatively and I would like people to think about how what they are saying is affecting their opponent as well as the game.

 As you might imagine, I have my own axe to grind. I have a Lynch Malifaux crew, which I loved painting and love the background and story behind. I am put off playing him because I have heard many people saying he is 'broken'. My enjoyment of the crew has been undermined. I start to think about ways I can play him so that people don't think that, take a different totem to Huggy for example, but I will just being shooting myself in the foot. I don't win all, or even many of my games with him. One opponent called me filthy and then tabled me in turn 3.

I think I have been negative enough for now. As always, I'd love some feedback, it's why I am doing this after all. Have you ever felt this way? One thing in particular I would like to hear is how often people should think I should make entries, is once a day too often? Anyway, until next time.

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