Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Do what you want.

Thus far my entries into the blog have been eclectic at best. I have not attempted to try and make a focus to the blog for a reason, and it is the same reason I have tried to avoid forcing myself to do hobby. You're much better off just doing what you want to do.

It could just be me, but I find if I ever feel like I 'have' to paint some models or do something else I immediately put off. Sometimes having something to aim for is beneficial. Knowing that I need painted gremlins for heartfaux, the Malifaux tournament in York, for example, does provide some impetus. If it ever gets to the point, however, where I feel I am running low on time for an upcoming event, I simply cannot bring myself to put brush to figure.

So what should we do about this? In my opinion it is best to do nothing. It is a revolution for me, previously I have doggedly attempted to force myself to keep going so that I no longer enjoy the project and it is not well painted. The hobby, however, is a hobby! We do it for our enjoyment, nothing else. If you're not enjoying it, don't do it, you will probably go back to it anyway.

The last point is what worries me the most. I hate the idea of hobby projects being left, long forgotten, and I am worried that will happen more often if I follow this thought process. I am now convinced this is not the case though.

Yesterday I was feeling ill, so had a day off from applying for summer jobs. I had an awful night sleep, so was basically a zombie, but I hate not doing things. I needed something mind numbing. Some of you may remember from an earlier post that I am making terrain for #goodbadfated, the Malifaux tournament in Sunderland, but had gotten sick of looking at coffee stirrers. What a perfect time to get stuck back in with that!

My WIP on some Bayou crates

 Previously I had been worried about this project; if I didn't do the mind numbing job when I didn't want to, would it ever get done? It just goes to show that if you just do what you want you'll be happier and, in all likelihood, you'll probably get more done!


  1. I whole hearty agree with the above, I find that forcing myself to hobby has a negative impact on my projects and caused more to fail than be completed.

  2. Hi, thanks for commenting. Glad to hear that you agree.

    Did you have any issues commenting? A few people have said they have had problems.

    1. no worked fine for me got a google account already from my past blogging days, really want to get back into it but time is limited atm
      some times the not a robot check gets people

    2. It's a good thing it's there. I have seen Blade Runner...