Monday, 4 August 2014

Malifaux 100SS pool

Alot of people have been chatting about Malifaux model pools on their blogs recently. To briefly explain, there's a tournament way down South which you have to submit a list of up to 100ss worth of models and upgrades which are the only thing you are allowed to use through the tournament. Because I am sad, I thought it'd be fun to go over what I would include in my list if I was to go to an event like this.

First of all I am going to pick a single master to take. Then, if I have the spare stones, I will pick another. The main reason with this is because I think Som'er can do every scenario and I really like him and have loads of practice with him. Also, I think it's better to have one master who can do everything than more that can't quite match up, you only get to use one in a game after all!

 Anyway, as I have already said, I have chosen Som'er. If the game isn't reckoning, my list almost always contains the following models:

3*Bayou Gremlins [9] (I vary between taking 2 and 3 in a crew)
Slop Hauler [5] (one of the best models in the game imo, last night he managed to kill huggy!)
Get 'Yer Bro [2] (because summoning models is cool in the first turn)
2*Dirty Cheater [2] (I know at the moment I can only take one, but I normally always take the cap of this)
Liquid Bravery [1] (Very useful just to make Som'er stubborn)

So this puts me on 19 stones, I have loads left! There are a few models that a regular players in my crew aswell, often swapping between them depending on schemes.

Gracie [10] (though I am trying to free myself from taking her non-stop...)
saddle [1] (...but this upgrade is so good!)
Trixiebelle [8] (a tool box, so good in so many situations that I cannot say no most of the time)
A gun for a lady [1] (I have not been using the upgrade so much recently, but getting double pos. damage flips when Som'er is giving out rams is hard to say no to)
Burt Jebson [7] (synergises beautifully with Som'er and Gracie)
Fracois Lacroix [7] (he almost makes a way in for Vendetta, Assassinate or Murder Protege)
Skeeter [2] (I normally only take the one and only if I have spare stones, but they are fantastic)

At that point I am on 55 stones and laughing. Now I can start trying to focus on specific strategy models.

Lenny [9] (he really only makes an appearance because...)
I'll love it and pet it [1] (...of this upgrade, which means I can summon piglets to go with...)
Piggapult [8] (... this model! It's just amazing in recon so I couldn't say no)
Sammy Lacroix [7] (I don't always find space for her, but she often comes out for killy schemes and strats)
Encouragement [2] (I tend to only take this on Sammy so that Som'er can gain the benefit, nice for make them suffer)
Old Major [9] (I have written about him multiple times but here he is to replace Gracie against Outcast and Joss)
Merris Lacroix [6] (I don't rate her as highly as other Gremlin players, but she finds a space sometimes)

O.K. I am pretty much reaching my cap of things I need with Som'er now and I am at 97 stones, not bad! The list does now include many of the models I would use with Ulix, however. Gracie, Old Major, Lenny, slop hauler and trixxie is one of my lists. Preferably I would like to have the option of taking Wild Boar but I don't want to lose anything from the list for it. 3 stones is also not enough to cover upgrades for the pig master. At this point, to allow for maximum flexibility, I think it makes sense to lose something to allow for Ulix though.

- Merris Lacroix [-6] (I told you I didn't rate her as highly!)
Husbandry [3] (summoning 9 stone models is pretty mint)
Hunting Bow [2] (making models charge for 1 ap is also pretty mint)
Corn Husks [2] (a very nice upgrade for certain scheme pools)
Penelope [2] (just for the 0 action push!)

And there we go, exactly 100 soulstones. To be honest, I didn't find it that restrictive. I suppose the idea is if you single master it's not but any more than that is more of a struggle. I didn't get everything in for Ulix after all. Hope it was a mildly interesting read.

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