Monday, 11 August 2014

Gremlins is Awesome: Ulix getting the chop?

 If you read my tournament report yesterday, you saw that I did not do well. Why do I think this was? Will I make any major changes? Is this the end of the pig master? That's what I am going to talk about today.

 So what went wrong? I mentioned it yesterday, but one of things I felt was missing was that I simply did not own enough piglets to summon. This meant I couldn't make the most of the pigapult, which meant I spent 8 stones on a model I used for one turn. It was very useful for one turn, but it's still a waste. It could have been good buying some stuffed piglets to fire, but again I don't own the models. Summoning piglets also needs pigs on large bases, so I'd like to take the Sow... who I don't have the models for. Basically I am feeling I don't have the models to put Ulix to play effectively. This is not the only reason I didn't do well, I did also make some major mistakes, but that was my resounding impression. 

 Am I going to make any major changes? I might give him a go without the summoning upgrade, which I am beginning to feel I don't really have the models for. This will mean I will be putting more effort to turn up the heat early game. I think I will give the hog whisperer more of a go, which I had struggled with before. I also think I will try play reckoning without Gracie and with Wild Boar or Warpigs, so it's less all or nothing. 

 So I have already answered whether it's the end of Ulix for me. I don't think so, not quite yet. I am going to try a couple more ways of playing, but to be honest I think his days are numbered. I don't think I'll never use him again, I just think I need to wait and get some more models. I don't really want to buy anything else until we get some more plastics. I'm also yet to see anyway that he does a scheme or strategy better than Som'er, who is still my favourite by far. 

 Well that's me for today! Hope that was kind of interesting to read. Hope to post again soon, hopefully with a 'How to' for my Gremlin bases. Until then.

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