Monday, 25 August 2014

WAAC Paintathon Results

Sorry this is terribly written, my brain is still not functioning!

 Between 09:00 on the 24/08 and 09:00 25/08 I stayed up for 24 hours to paint 100 models in order to raise Sponsor money for #WAAC, Wargamers All Against Cancer, which raises money for MacMillan to support people with Cancer. I was supported by Chris King, who stayed up for the 24 hours and painted 12 models in the time, and: Chris Hay, Dan Johnson, Joel Henry and Pete Rees who all supported me and Chris at various points. 

You'll be glad to here it was an amazing success. We raised an amazing total of £265, as you can see here. A massive thankyou to everyone who donated. David Truby won the competition to get the custom display board made by donating the most amount of money in the set period of time. Congratulations to him, I will set up contact between him and Chris shortly. 

It was a close run thing, with a few last minute changes on what I will paint, but I successfully got the 100 models painted. Below you can see the pictures of the 100.

Once again thankyou for everyone who helped out and donated, I am so impressed with the how much support people have given and I really can't thank you enough.

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