Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Here's another entry by Chris Hay. I really should get round to doing some of my own at some point!


So anyone that follows me on twitter will already know that I am not the best painter in the world. So when coming up with a theme for Malifaux crews I try and do something a little unusual / different instead to hopefully add a little fun to the tabletop and a smile to my opponents face.

For my Dreamer crew I have themed it around Lego..... Now I am sure there are some haters out there (probably those awesome painters) who feel it takes something away from the painting side of things but up until this point most people I have met have had a positive reaction.

I must say however that at a recent tournament I did get a bit of stick for the fact that a large chunk of the model / base isn't technically painted, but to be honest I am not sure how different it is to people sticking on some sand, maybe a little water effect and some grass or foliage. There isn't too much "painting" that goes into that either! And you would be surprised how long it actually takes to cut a circle out of a lego base board using a Stanley knife, sanding the edges smooth, sticking it to a wooden disc etc etc. Probably in comparison to other basing a lot longer! But I do appreciate that it isn't as "painted" as some and happy to exclude it from any painting competitions at tournies if people would prefer.

One cool thing I have found is that because of the way some models are stuck to Lego bricks and the bricks just clicked onto the bases it allows me to easily change them around and add different bits of Lego etc as and when the need arises. For example I have some web markers for the widow weaver but if I need a scheme marker instead I can just remove an unused model or marker and hey presto! So very multi purpose if needed!

I have also decided that at future tournaments either the tournament organiser, my opponents, or both will get a lovely Lego monster as a momento! The two lucky people currently in possession of said toys are Joel Henry for running joelfaux 2 and Greg Pizzzzzcocxkzcsz for being one half of the most fun malifaux game I think I have ever played at Joelfaux 2.

So without further ado here are some pics for those that have not seen.

Hope you enjoyed and at least something made you smile!

Also here is a peak at my Collodi crew that is up next for the non-painted basing magic.

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  1. The only gripe I have with it, is that Lego wasn't invented at the time that Malifaux is supposed to play out in, so that the dreamer is imagining it feels a bit off..

    But I do think it looks pretty cool, and is alot more colourful than most Malifaux-crews. I especially like the colour transitions from the blocks to the models, best shown on the pictures on the Stiched that is climbing on green and white blocks, I think that looks very good.

    So I definetly like it more than I don't, if that makes sense :)

    Also think the Collodi crew is looking promissing, excited to see more of it.

    Micke Lindh // @Therril_83