Friday, 31 October 2014

Chris Hay - Storage Solutions

Here's another entry from Chris, hope you like it:

 I have recently been thinking about upgrading my storage and transportation for my minis.
One of the main draws of getting into Malifaux was the low model count and my initial perception that I wouldn't need to lug loads of stuff around.
 Over time though with picking up more models, and realising how many counters and accessories one needs (especially, if like me, you want different ones for the different masters / crews you play) then the stuff I need and carry around does start to add up. I currently use a big carry all and a games workshop foam carry case. See pic.

 This was ok for a time when just attending my local club in the car but now I am attending more tournaments I thought it was about time to look around for other options.

 There is a current deal on at KR Mulitcase where if you order a transport bag, backpack or metal case you get another standard card case for FREE. It is only on till midnight 31st October (so tonight!)
So I was put off at first by the prices (I don't think I would have gone for it if I wasn't getting a free £35 case).

 I ended up buying the backpack (£59.99 with free postage) and now it has been delivered I must say I am impressed. The backpack itself seems durable enough and it has a big pouch on each side which will fit my accessories (tape measure, cards decks, markers, pens etc). It has has a large zippy pocket on the front that is more than big enough to hold crossroads and the large rulebook and a further smaller pocket on the top of that for the mini rulebook and a notepad.

 So instead of having to carry around a big shoulder bag AND a games workshop carry case full of my models it should all just go in the backpack making carrying things around much easier.
So inside the bag comes a card case which is filled with foam. The one I got was for Malifaux specific and had 2 bits of foam that can be plucked out to fit 40mm or 50mm models and 3 bits of foam ready cut to fit 60 x 30mm models.

Free Case!

 So what I think I will do is have 1 cardboard box for each Malifaux faction I play (Neverborn and Outcasts at present!). That way I can just switch the box around depending on what I plan on playing that tournament / club night and don't have to worry about switching models and repacking all the time etc. There seems to be plenty of room in one standard cardboard case for a full faction. Just to give you an idea I have Nekima, Bad Juju, Mature Nephilm, 3 Young, Barbaros with converted sword that makes him another inch wider and 2 waldgeists just on 1 of the pick and plug foams so got another still to fill!
 So thumbs up from me over all. But think it was partly for getting £95 worth of stuff for £59.99. I needed to upgrade and the main priority was for it to be easier to carry and all fit in one bag.
So that has been achieved.

 Until next time.

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