Monday, 6 October 2014

Gremlins is Awesome: More Learnings

Yet another report on what I learned from the tournament? Surely not? This might come back as a thing. I'll try anyway.

 So what did I learn at Halifaux? Pigs aren't as rubbish as I thought, the pigapult can be killed and new toys are great.

 Pigs aren't rubbish? Well when you take a silly crew that has to charge all of the time, manage to win games AND get called filthy and broken by your opponent you know something is working. Even in the second game I lost I only lost by one point and in that game I didn't even take Gracie who doesn't have to charge! Admittedly the having to charge thing was a real pain in the pork but if I was to put Ulix back on the table, a hog whisperer and penelope, I can still get all of the awesome silly times of pigs but with some semblance of control! Looks like the bearded master may getting the dust blown off sooner than I thought!

 It's not actually particularly surprising that the pigapult can die, it seems quite an odd thing to put as something I learned, but really what I mean is that my established lists are getting challenged and that's really cool. I still managed a win but Ben is the first opponent that I feel has really shut down the crew effectively since it's early inception. This seems an odd thing to be happy about, but a crew that I can put on the table and just win is rubbish and no fun and I am glad it's getting a seeing to.

 Which is basically what makes me happy about the last point, which is new toys are great. In my last game I put Mancha to the field and it was really exciting to have something so fresh on the table. It's really easy to get stuck in a rut with your model selection and I'm glad that these new models are breathing fresh life. I spent my journey home dreaming of new lists with Zoraida and Ulix.

 O.K. This does seem pretty similar to the last review, to be honest. New toys are great pretty much sums it up, but they say you can't have too much of a good thing?

I'll shut up now, chat soon

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