Saturday, 20 September 2014


So this is going to be a really weird blog post because it's basically just going to be me whining about stuff, so apologies in advance.

Basically, I am starting to feel the pressure of the Masters qualification race.

When you look back, I didn't start that long ago. Vappnartak or however it's spelled will be my first full year in the tournament scene. Never in a million years did I dream of getting a best in faction award or being in the running for the Masters tournament in January. It all pretty much came as a shock. Something just clicked with me and Gremlins and every so often I got a really good result.

As soon as I got the big hat, I started to feel like they expected me to do well. This, for me, is really weird, because nothing much has changed since then and now. What I have started to notice, however, is I feel a lot more pressure to do well. It's almost as if I'm going to let someone down if I lose, or everyone will treat me worse or something.

 I don't think how the Malifaux community is, not at all, maybe it's just mild paranoia. Who knows?

 What does this mean though?

Well relatively soon there is a tournament in Halifax called Halifaux. In this event 2 of the 4 games are henchman led. This means that Gremlins can field a crew made entirely of pigs. This entertains me far more than it should.

 Thing is, it's awful.

 O.K, maybe I might be able to pull of a neat trick or two, but without the gremlins to control them, the pigs will get rolled over by a decent opponent, they probably won't even give their bellies a scratch.

 What sort of monster wouldn't scratch a pig's belly, for gods sake it's not like they'll have much luck doing it by themselves!

 Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I am feeling the pressure to take the event more seriously and try and be an actual contender for the Masters and another part of me just wants to say 'fuck it' and mess around with squealing porcine madness.

I could be throwing away my chance to get into the Masters, my chance to reclaim the big hat...

On the other hand I could be throwing away my chance to have fun.

But then again, I do have fun with Gremlins, they are pretty crazy after all! There is also the point that I might not have that much fun getting my pigs pasted into oblivion. I am almost always crestfallen when my pigs don't perform as hoped. I can't help but root for them, they're really adorable!

So basically I'm stuck and I need help. Comment or message or whatever. @Proximocoal on twitter or find me on facebook. Hopefully you can rescue me from my indecision!


  1. An Old Major crew would not be awful! Plenty of charging potential, support and movement from Old Major. Summoning from The Sow is a big deal if it's a non-Hardcore game, since Henchman-level summoning is rare and powerful. Piglets are great spoilers. Stuffed Piglets give excellent activation control and area attacks. Go for it!

  2. Unfortunately I don't own a sow proxy! It's the one pig I don't have. I think if I don't take any Gremlins then the fact I have to charge is going to ruin me against decent opponents, it gives me no chance to stake the claim.

  3. The choice of how to take this is surely up to how highly you value the rankings system. If you're dead set on retaining the big hat then you ought to take the strongest crew and try to win as much as you can. On the other hand, the fun of a game is why we all got into this wonderful hobby in the first place; so there is a strong argument for playing the silly-but-funny option.