Sunday, 7 September 2014

Jimmmyfaux report

 I have just got back from Sheffield where I took part in another Jimmyfaux (I think it was called totem something?) I have been to the venue a few times now and chatted about it each time, so I won't say more than it was it's hot, slightly cramped but otherwise grand self. It was 3 round 50ss. All pretty standard stuff.

Dave demonstrates his love for razorspine rattlers
 My first game was against Dave Chandler, or SSK on twitter. I'd not played or met Dave before, so honestly I didn't know what to expect. It started well, I vastly out-activated him, though alpha on the Jackalope killed a bayou gremlin (I was pretty non-plussed). However this meant that Francois was able to get saddled and jump on the December Acoloyte and score 3 points for Vendetta. Next turn went down hill rapidly. My hand was awful, so felt I didn't have the cards to make an agressive move with Francois and foolishly decided to wait to try and get cards from dying Bayou Gremlins. This gave Marcus the chance to alpha Francois and charge Gracie, killing them both. From that point it was an uphill struggling, finally losing when I didn't have enough activations to keep hold of my 3 for plant evidence, whilst not taking quite enough wounds to take a point of bodyguard from Joss. Lost 10-8.
Dave's victorious crew displayed whilst we went and got Burrito
My second game, after a very tasty burrito and some decent banter, was against Josh Leak using Ressers. He used Seamus and announced entourage and protect territory. I took entourage on Som'er also, but didn't announce. I also hard Frame for Murder on Burt. In the first turn I tried out using a stuffed piglet to fire before models moved against Sybelle. I cause 6 wounds and no blasts. Realistically I should have shot Seamus, I think, but there were too many juicy blast targets nearby. Seamus jumped Burt and took him down to hard to kill, but he healed himself up with lots of Dirty Cheater and cause many wounds and Seamus. Burt was then lured away, but not into much danger and Som'er went wild and killed Sybelle and a Belle. From then on the Piggapult denied Recon, it's so powerful at that. Burt killed the rogue Necromancy and was then jumped by Seamus again and got me 3 points. Skeeter denied the Valedictorian for the whole game and in the end the piggapult and the skeeter managed to deny 2 of the 3 protect territory by outnumbering the enemy on the scheme marker. Honestly, I felt pretty bad for my luck and the strength of my crew in this scenario. I won 9-4.
Josh Leak's very nicely painted Resser crew
My final game was against the same player as my last tournament, Mr Neil Dee. We had a great game last time and it was really close. This time was reckoning and many of you may know that I really struggle with this strategy. I was playing against Arcanists again and decided that it wasn't worth risking Gracie against Joss. This was a mistake as in the first turn, with some pretty lucky flips, my whiskey golem was taken down to a single wound and Burt was forced to end his misery to not give up points in the following turn. Som'er and Francois, who had positioned the turn before, at the start of turn 2 attempted to kill the Wendigo and the wounded December Acolyte and failed to do both! From that point I really felt it was an uphill struggle, though Sammy, Trixxie and Burt did combine to take down Joss and drain all soulstones. I did grab reckoning the following turn but I was barely clutching onto my models. Last turn of the game, with no soulstones left, I lost Trixxie and Som'er to single blast from Raspy so Neil claimed a reckoning points. Unfortunately, due to a bit of confusion about protect territory and my ability to remove scheme markers I was able to deny all but one point from schemes whilst I was able to grab 6 from plant explosives and protect territory from my control of activation and having already begun placing markers early. final score 7-2 to me.
 So at the end of the day, I won 2 of 3 and got a +8 differential, so if I am not mistaken I finished 5th. I am pretty chuffed seeing as I though everything was lost when I lost the first game. It was pretty good for the North East though, with 3rd going to John Wharton and 2nd to Greg Piscosz. I have lost the big hat though as Rob Smith, the person I stole the hat from, took Gremlins and took first place. Best sports went, deservedly, to Dave Chandler. Bucky took best painted. Below you can see a bunch of the other pics I took on the day. You can see the rest of the results here.

Big thanks to all my opponents and I look forward to seeing you across the table soon.

Hutch got the chain of shame as bottom sguig

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Maria's crews are always highlights for me, I personally love this

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