Monday, 29 September 2014

Gremlins is Awesome: New Toys and Admin

I haven't actually written one of these 'What did I learn' things for a little while, basically because I feel like I have been going back to the same old lists time and again. I really dislike this because not only does it make the game less enjoyable for yourself but it also narrows your playing style and possibly makes you a worse player. When I went to Scotland, I was determined to ensure that this wasn't the case and so now I feel I have some more 'learnings' to share. Also, I've thought of a couple of things where I need to just make sure I'm ready for the events.

 Firstly, Mancha Rocha. At first I was uncertain, he's expensive and seemed pretty fragile but now I think I'm in love. I think what I was getting lost in was his weak damage of 2, which isn't great. with the ability to put people on negative defensive flips or get positive to damage for every ram in the attack, you can really set yourself up to get the most of the 5/7 weak and severe. Defensive 6 with hard to wound and soulstones isn't that bad either!

 One thing I did find, however, is that his 2ap melee action and the 2 stone upgrade to improve it, are simply not good enough. His 1 ap melee attack is so good that I didn't once feel like I'd have been better off using the other, but maybe in more games it'll be better. I think next time, however, I'll save myself 2 stones.

Rami Lacroix is an interesting one. The table length range and the ability to double focus means that if you have two good cards and line of sight you can probably kill something, you'll die in the process but it might secure those killy-people scheme points.

This does, however, rely on many things. The terrain, your enemy crew and the scheme pool all have to align for you to really get the most out of the little man. I almost missed out on points with him previously because of a large forest in the middle of the board. If the enemy is hard enough to not go down from 8 wounds then Rami is not going to kill them, things like assassinate are beyond him because of stones. I think all of these things are pushing him to the back of the pool, to be only used occasionally, but it's nice to wheel something different out occasionally. I still have more Lacroix to try for the job!

 Admin. Why would I want to know about that, you say? Well recently I have made a couple of mistakes in crew selection. I took an extra soulstone in the last game at Last Round in the Chamber and in friendly games aswell. I always feel absolutely awful about this, gut wrenchingly awful. I really hope my opponents don't feel cheated. Thing is, I know I can count to 50, for christs sake it's not rocket science, but in the pressure of the tournament when you're considering many different options it's easy to get confused.

The solution is simple, bring a pen and paper and write stuff down!

That way everyone can see and there is no confusion. It's black and white and open to the world. i know it seems obvious but I have avoided it thus far so that 1) I don't have yet more stuff to bring to events and 2) I don't take more time faffing before we start, but I really do think from now on it's worth doing. I have some swish little booklets that will be perfect for the job also.

So that's it from me. So in conclusion: Mancha is a thumbs up, but no extra gremlin for wacking. Rami is situational. Finally use your words on the paper Gremlin Features!

Expect another report from Halifaux, I might get some inspiration in between, who knows? Not me.

Until then.


  1. You going to write up the fourplayer game?

  2. I was thinking about it, but you can if you like