Wednesday, 15 April 2015

ToMB2 - Better Late than Never

Somehow, after having painted 3/4 models for this month in one week I managed to actually fail to meet my target for this month. Partly this was because the second nurse didn't really have much chance of making it into a Seamus crew, partly because I went on holiday. Enough of excuses though, I have finally got round to finish this questionable medical practitioner.

the offending nurse

So what am I going to do next? Well the plan was always to carry on painting the rest of the crew box. That is McMorning, Sebastian and the Chihuahua. The thing is, despite having lots of fun converting the doctor and being very grateful to Maria for providing the metal replacement to the BO plagues pooch after I stuff the plastic one in Seamus' bag, I didn't have a lot of love for anything other than the hatter.
This months pledge
So have I been converted? I am not entirely sure. One of the things I found about Seamus' as I have him now is that I am really happy with the list... which somehow is a bad thing. I really like making lists, discovering new synergies and concocting maniacal plans. I kind of feel stuck in a rut. Branching off into another master could be a way to fix that. One thing I definitely want to do is get Molly, but until she reveals herself I am wondering if McMorning could provide some release.

What I plan to paint this month
The thing is, though, I have not had any inspiration at all to make lists with him. Currently the plan is to use 2 Nurses, 2 performers, 2 flesh constructs, chihuahua, canine remains and sebastian. I honestly have no idea what I would even consider taking instead. Perhaps part of the problem is that I really only want to work in plastics, made even more important by the name tags that I have been putting on models bases. The other problem is that the Gremlins are calling to me again and I have been having lots of fun playing with them instead. It is possible, however, that once I put some paint to him I will feel compelled to put him on the table. We'll see.

On a positive note, however, I am going to Kings of North this weekend and I am planning to put ToMB2 to the field, if only for one of the days, so I am hoping that gives me more enthusiasm. I am sure I will let you know how that goes shortly.

Until then.

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