Tuesday, 17 March 2015

ToMB2 - Learning from Lemonentry

What did I learn from my Lemonentry? I think the main things were being aware of what I can do more and deeper thinking about model selection. Really, when I say, ‘being aware of what I can do’ it’s more ‘being aware of what Seamus can do’. Sometimes I can get a little wrapped in hitting things with my Chihuahua bag and not think about backhanding people or other stuff. Backhand is fantastic for getting Seamus out of trouble, which I suppose people who take the reputation upgrade are a little more familiar with, but when Seamus needs to be elsewhere for any reason it’s pretty essential. It’s also picking Seamus’ targets more carefully. I got it wrong in my last game where the scheme marker is placed when Seamus hits stuff (in contact with him and not the enemy) so not only did I not get the scheme marker where I wanted, but I set Seamus up to die. I think Seamus is best of killing little things. Sometimes, when teaming up with the copycat, he can take big models down, but ultimately he is a murderer who prays on the weak and vulnerable.

What feedback do I have on model selection? What about everyone else in the crew? Well there are some models that are not going to shift. Sybelle and the belles continue to be a favourite of mine.

I must say I am very happy with how Brunhilde the flesh construct performed. Although it died a lot it turned out to be crucial to a number of plans. It works with the rest of the crew by reactivating when the opponent has no cards but providing the punch that the crew can sometimes lack.

The canine remains didn't really achieve much in the game. Admittedly it was largely there for a swift scheme runner and was almost always hunted down by something large and gruesome; to name it Alyce one game, Huggy the next and finally the Dawn Serpent. I don't think that's what's putting me off it though, I think it doesn't really have any synergy with the crew. For an extra stone I could take a belle who with Sybelle have lots of speed. I am not going to take 3 belles, but I just think it may not be the best choice.

I really enjoy using Bete Noir and in some situations I think she is going to be very effective, I am little concerned I am getting a little dependent on her and when I fight against mass constructs or spirits (who aren't undead) it could cause issues. I think for the moment though she is far too usefull to ditch.

 Finally we hit the nurse. I am not entirely sure what to think about the nurse. She is frustratingly slow and has limited range. Without Seamus reputation she doesn't really have much synergy with the crew other than the flesh construct (paralyse to eat) but to get that off you really need your opponent to be in the right place at the right time and you to have the right cards. I think she is situationally evil and has lots of potential, but even when she works it jars with me. Turning enemy models off for a turn is basically harsh and the reason why I didn't want to play Pandora anymore. I think the nurse was a big reason why I didn't want to play with Zoraida to begin with. Don't get me wrong, I think they are very effective, I am just not sure it's the game I want to play.

 So based on this, what's next? Well I already have some punk zombies to paint up so they might add some punch to the crew (plus I had lots of fun making them so they are being painted) and I have the rest of the McMorning and Nicodem boxes to paint, but I don't really have an idea of what I want to have to expand the crew. I know I want dead doxies, but I am going to wait for the plastics which are not out for the next few months. There are many things that work well Seamus with the evil reputation, hanged are an obvious example, but seeing as that is not how I want to play him that doesn't help. Here are my thoughts so far:

 Canine Remains: I know above I said they don't synergise, but I mainly just want them so I can say I am running the 'bitches and hos' crew
Flesh Construct: I am really happy how the first has worked out, so a second will both be lots of fun to make and work well with the crew?
Molly box: I love Molly, I think she's a really fun character and she works really well with all the stuff I have already. I think she is one box that is definitely on my list.

I'd love to hear what you think. Post a comment or drop me a message in the various social networking sites I am on. Until next time.

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