Saturday, 16 May 2015

ToMB2 - Back...alley

It's been far too long, but I finally got some inspiration to finish what I started.

 Since I last wrote I have been to a few events with ressers and basically got a bit sick of them. There is nothing wrong with them, not at all, but the basic problem was that I didn't have the options I'd like to play with. Since then I have been to a bunch of events with Gremlins and really enjoyed trying out new things. The last event, however, saw me throw in the gauntlet as "guild". For those who don't know my "guild" crews are Lucius and McMorning with what they can take out of faction. I had masses of fun with this and, to my amazement, came third overall. This meant not only do I come home with some keen for McMorning but also with some shiny new Iron Zombies, who are possibly some of my favourite models in the range. All of this was enough to force me to get my paintbrush out and paint something fabulous. Below you can see the results.

So what now? Well I have missed my target by god knows how long and I don't even know how long is left for the next one. I think I am going to need to back out. It's not so much not hitting the deadline, but that I want to be able to do what I feel like. It's a shame, as I like this sort of thing, but what's the point of a hobby if you're not enjoying it?

That all being said, at this precise moment in time I am enjoying it. Next up I have a few options. For the same reasons I have given above I don't want to commit to anything specifically, but options include:

3* Punk Zombies
The Iron Zombies

So in short: I may or may not do some hobby which may be for my Ressers.

It makes me laugh that this used to be daily. I am not sure I'll do another one. I guess being employed takes a lot of time. Go figure. For those that have kept up with it thanks for reading, hopefully I'll see you across the gaming table soon.

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