Saturday, 15 November 2014

New Crew

I continue my blog post ramblings today with talking about my plans to start a new crew. First of all I just want to go briefly over the why:
  • Som'er becoming a crutch and being predictable
  • A new painting challenge
  • less competitive crew
So what crew am I thinking of using? Here are my thoughts

 I have the Seamus crew already and I really like the models and theme, it's super cool. Who doesn't like undead hookers? It gives me plenty of painting opportunity, bright colours for frilly dresses and green suits, but also stains and rotting flesh. The main problem with this is it means starting a completely new faction and thus a bit of an investment. It is also the favoured master of one of the local gamers, so wouldn't be good for local games.

 He's a master I already own and love. This does make it cheaper but means I don't have a painting project. Once again, however, it's a master that another local gamer prefers. In fact, it's the only one they own.

Ten Thunders
 Jen has painted nearly every other ten thunder master and I could use anyone of these, but not only does this mean I don't have another painting project but it kind of just feels wrong using Jen's models. I haven't painted them and thus they are not mine and I feel some form of investment in the game makes it much more enjoyable. It's probably me just being weird, but that's how it is for me. 

Added to the previous list could be Lilith and Marcus aswell.

Swinging back to the Gremlins, I could force myself to play more with the pig master. It has the benefit of already having all the models, being able to mess around in faction in different games but still be different to Som'er. Not really a new painting project though. Having said this staying loyal to the Gremlin faction really does appeal to me. Equally, however, staying with Gremlins is going to make me want to got for best Gremlin and thus do well in events. It's definitely a preferred option though.

 Earlier in the year, when I was playing neverborn, I fell in love with Lucius. As a character he is so god damn cool and I really liked his style of support master. I did, however, get a little sick of his weaknesses as I played more games and I decided that he needed a rest until I had access to the guild plastics I wanted. With his box set out this has definitely jumped back on the radar. Because I have the old metal I can add bits and pieces a little at a time and try before I buy, but it still gives me a new painting project. I have some fun conversion plans in store for the box. There are some local guild players, but they don't seem to favour what I do in the faction. It also just works better for stories in my head, it's hard to justify squealing pigs in most stories. This is definitely high on the list.

 I got into Malifaux, as many people do, because of Teddy. I played Pandora, mainly because the dreamer wasn't available, as my first ever master but decided after my first event that she was too much a NPE for me. I also never felt like Pandora ever really did much for Teddy or vice versa. The Dreamer is a way I can try and make teddy work for me again. I have some cool ideas for painting schemes aswell, but I do have a fair amount of Neverborn I can play with already. The main problem with the Dreamer for me at the moment is that alot of people on the tournament scene play him already. Him and Collette are possibly the most popular masters and I'd hate to both play against the same master regularly or people get sick of playing 'yet another dreamer'

So I have loads of options and many of them have pros and cons. I am not going to commit to anything, as I said on my last blog post, because I am just going to play with what I personally fancy at the time. It's looking like, however, that I am going to be playing with Lucius or Ulix in the not too distant future.

This is the joy of writing blog posts in advance... That statement is no longer true. I am feeling the pull more and more of Seamus, mainly as a painting project. I have puppet wars which obviously contains Puppet Seamus and I fell in love painting him. You can see what achieved here:

Too many decision

 As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my ramblings. 

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